Holi skin care tips

Heading out to shower your friends and family members with colours  on the occasion of the festive season of Holi always seems like a fun-filled day of excitement and joy but come the end of the celebration and you feel your skin crying for help, for someone to restore it to its previous glory!

Want to learn how to help replenish your skin and be the hero of the day? 

Let us guide you through a series of very easy steps and tips to brighten and clear your skin with a ‘Splash of Korean Skincare’😉



  • Double Cleansing Process 


The first and foremost step to perform after a fun-filled “bura na maano holi hai” session with friends and family is to cleanse our skin of all the grime and colours covering it like a second skin. 

How to achieve this feat?

Let’s turn towards the best and most distinguishing feature of Korean Skincare- Double Cleansing for this!

For the face, use an oil cleanser to emulsify the oil and the grime from the skin and cleanse the skin to give it a natural glow. Then, move on to a mild cleansing of the skin to get rid that stubborn residual colour and dirt with a mild foam cleanser so as not to irritate the skin much.

We recommend Innisfree’s Green Tea Cleansing Oil to remove the debris and at the same time retain the natural moisture of your skin as the first step and then to finish the cleansing process off, The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser will work wonders.

For getting rid of the colour and grease from the skin on the rest of your body and giving it that extra cleansing that it needs, use a non-irritating cleanser and body wash that soothe and calms the skin as well.

We recommended the first-rate skincare product by SKINCARE, its Quinoa Rich Body Wash as it alleviates skin damage in a calming, soothing way.

 You can also cleanse the skin with a body oil or body scrub you have, before going for a bath to deal with the colour and the dead skin cells to which they cling onto. Using an olive oil or a coffee scrub is one of the best ways to go about this.



  • Toner and Sheet Masks


After the cleansing of the skin, it’s time to start the toning and hydrating process of the skin.

A post-holi skincare requires you to tone the face skin without irritating it further, as while the stringent cleansing removes the dirt and colours effectively, it also can be an irritation to the skin due to the extra work done on it. Hence, to tone the skin you should use a non-irritating and mild toner and for that extra face care, the use of a good hydrating sheet mask, is essential to help the skin regain its radiance and pH balance.

We recommend Innisfree’s Green Tea Balancing Skin Toner for regaining the skin’s pH balance and hydrating sheet masks from Innisfree with its natural ingredient bases for an extra boost.


  • Moisturizing


After toning and hydrating the skin to give it the moisture boost it needed, the next step is to moisture the skin and seal in the healing goodness for better absorption of these ingredients into the skin and nourish it. 

We recommend using The Face Shop’s Chia Seed No Shine Intense Hydrating Cream which relieves the dehydrated skin by providing it with intense hydration and adds to it a subtle dewy glow.

For the body, it is important to apply calming body cream to add the moisture content to the skin and really nourish it. We recommend Botanic Farm’s Honey Rich Lotion for this.



  • Hair Care


Our hair needs the most care after Holi as the chemical and even organic colours make the hair dry and frizzy. So, when getting into a bath after Holi to rinse yourself of the colours, make sure to start off by washing your hair with a mild shampoo and really massage the shampoo gently on the scalp to get rid of the colour. 

We recommend Daenggimeori Vitalising Energy Shampoo as it has added Ginseng which has restorative properties to treat the damage done by the colours and the other pollutants.

Use a conditioner next to bring the natural oils of the scalp back while giving enough room for the skin to breathe in air. Follow this up with a good and effective hair mask or “packs” as they are called in Korea that has an added hydrating effect to the skin and lend a shine to it, unlike anything seen before 😉

We highly recommend using the Etude House’s Silk Scarf Hair Treatment which restores and reinforces the damaged hair with ease.


In addition to the above steps, remember to steer clear of any heavy makeup application for a few days after as well so as not to irritate the skin and let it take its time to heal properly. 


So, did you finally learn how to help your skin restore its lost beauty and grace?

Tell us which step made the most difference for your skin 🙂