A multilingual girl group is not an unusual phenomena in the K-POP industry. We have Thai, Chinese and Japanese artists in several groups. But a group with non-Asian members? Now, that’s different! PRISMA is a unique multilingual group, because it has two European members – Miriam and Nia. Even before their debut, they were quite the talk of town!


PRISMA debuted on October 31, 2020 with Breakout. We got a chance to speak to the members GyeongminEunbyeolSally Nia, and Miriam about this unique niche and thier journey so far. Here’s an exclusive interview with PRISMA.


KHIGH: PRISMA is the first K-POP group with two European members. What did the members think of such a different concept?

Miriam: The most beautiful things are the unexpected ones, right?

Nia: I sincerely believe that it is interesting to have members from different countries since we have learned many different things from each one and that makes us grow more also as a group and unite more.

Sally: That’s an interesting experience for all of us

Gyeongmin: I was happy to be in such a multicultural group

Eunbyeol: It’s a one in million opportunity so I liked the idea from the beginning


KHIGH: Since the group is multilingual, I am sure there must have been some funny incidents because of different languages. Tell us about some incidents!

Miriam: Honestly, I don’t remember many but I often get confused and mix all the languages together.

Nia: At this moment I don’t remember anything funny but it is very funny to talk to Miriam because if we don’t understand something or we don’t know how to say it in English or Korean we try Italian or Spanish and we understand each other right away.

Sally: Sometimes we have times where a conversation goes through a whole translation process. For example, Nia might forget an English word so she asks Miriam, and then Miriam translates for me about what Nia said, and then I translate it to Gyeongmin and Eunbyeol unnie…and then if it all still doesn’t work, then the body movements kick in.

Gyeongmin: I’d say some misunderstandings due to the language difference

Eunbyeol: Since I joined not long ago, I can’t remember much


KHIGH: You debuted in October 2020 with the song Breakout. Can you shed some light on your preparation for the debut?

Miriam: We didn’t have much time to train in the debut song honestly, so we had to adapt to the situation and often stayed in the agency to train all together until midnight.

Nia: Honestly preparing Breakout was tough and exciting. We trained very early in the morning and finished very late at night, which made us very tired, but when we got home after a hard day training, you felt satisfied and proud of yourself.

Sally: Honestly, it was quite stressful. There were a lot of bumps in the road and delays, so it kind of resulted in a situation where because one thing was delayed, we couldn’t yet do the next thing that we had to do to prepare for Breakout. It just became a domino effect, thus resulting in our October debut instead of a summer debut. However, even though it was super difficult at the time, I also think that it was a really good experience because it will only help to train our mentalities in terms of patience and malleability as performers.

Gyeongmin: The preparation for the debut was shorter than I expected, so I lacked a lot of things, but I tried my best to do my best and I was really grateful for the support from the fans.

Eunbyeol: I can explain it just in one word: hurried


KHIGH: What are your thoughts on a multilingual album? It will be fun and exciting, don’t you think?

PRISMA: We all think that it is very interesting to have songs in different languages. It could be exciting!


KHIGH: Can you please share some TMI with us? A habit of yours, or some funny incident maybe?

Miriam: The first time I took the plane to come to Korea, my seat was changed because of a dog.

Nia: I have the habit of sticking my tongue out when I’m very focused on something, I also usually crinkle my fingers when I’m nervous and I usually touch the ground when I’m about to do something and I want to concentrate.

Sally: I was trying to shape my eyebrows today with a razor and accidentally shaved some of my eyelashes off lol

Gyeongmin: When I’m thinking too much or depressed, I go to places with water.

Eunbyeol: When I feel tired, I train more


KHIGH: What attracted you to K-Pop? Can you walk us through your journey?

Miriam:The first time I ever listened to a kpop song was in 2013 but I became a fan of it since 2015. I was drawn to how kpop artists are multitalented, are taken as examples by many and do what they can to be healthy.

Nia: Kpop attracts me because of the beauty it has. The messages they send to fans, the hard work behind a debut, and the difference it makes to many other styles of music.

Sally: I was initially attracted just by the idea of being able to dance and sing together.

Gyeongmin: I fell in love with K-pop because I felt that idols performed spectacular performances on stage and their energy inspired me.

Eunbyeol: I can’t tell exactly…it was always a part of my life


KHIGH: What name would you like to give your fandom? Would you like to tell us about any name you have in mind?

Miriam: Because our logo is to the light, I hope for a name that can reach that light. I thought a lot about the name 그린라이트 (Green Light)

Nia: The truth is that I do not know how to be called our fandom, but I would like a name that knowing its meaning feels welcomed and protected like a family.

Sally: I have no idea haha, what ever they feel comfortable with or want, I’m down! 🙂

Gyeongmin: Lightop (Light of Prisma )

Eunbyeol: I haven’t thought about it yet because I don’t have a chance to communicate with my fans, but the nickname I’m calling my fans now is My Love


KHIGH: Have you guys visited India? Any place you would like to visit or any food you would like to try?

Miriam: Unfortunately I have never visited India but I would love to visit places like Mumbai or Calcutta for so much history, and I would love to try Tikka Masala, as I love chicken and I want to try it in many different ways.

Nia: I have never visited India but I would very much like to visit it, there are many beautiful places that I have seen in photos that I would like to visit. and I would also like to try the food, my mother loves Indian food and I would love to try it.

 Sally: I LOVEEE INDIAN FOOD. I even asked my mom to take me to my favorite Indian restaurant called “Wazwan” when I went back home for the holidays hahahaha~ I would just genuinely love to go everywhere in India though. I feel like India is a country with such deep, rich culture that you can’t just go to one place and feel like you’ve experience truly what India has to offer.

 Gyeongmin: I’ve never been there, but I really hope I can. I’ve already tried it in Korea, but I really want to go to India and try India’s Nan, Curry, and Tandoori chicken.

 Eunbyeol: I want to feel the calmness of India!!I want to taste the true taste of curry!


KHIGH: Have you heard about your fans from India? Do you have any special message for them?

Miriam: Thank you for all the support you send us every day, those heartwarming letters. Thank you for being often sincere but never rude, and thank you for always reminding me who I am, I hope in the future we can meet!

 Nia: I have heard a lot about them. They always send us a lot of love and support and even had an idea which was to write us letters on Instagram that were beautiful and made all the members very happy. Just give thanks for all the love and support you always give us. With your strength you keep us going and never give up, for us and for you. Thank you for being our driving force every day.

 Sally: Yes!!! They’re amazing! They’re always sending letters and cards and I’m just so so grateful for how kind they are!! Thank you guys always for supporting us! I really hope that we can meet in the near future where everyone is safe and healthy!! Please take good care of yourselves always! Much love!

 Gyeongmin: I often see messages from fans in India that support us! Thank you for always supporting us. 😊

 Eunbyeol: Indian fans leave comments on my Instagram, and I’m so thankful that they give me interest and love from Korea and far away India.So I want to meet my fans more quickly and I’ll come back with a better album, so please wait a little longer


Aren’t they just adorable? Despite the multilingual and multicultural backgrounds, they have come together for a common love of K-Pop! Drop your messages in the comments!


All images credited to UnionWave Entertainment

Written by

Nandini Iyengar

An aspiring translator and a writer!