“Not all heroes wear capes” . We have heard this before a zillion times but have we ever really given it an in depth thought? In my honest opinion, the saying is apt for the artists all around the world who help people through the power of music and I’m sure that K-POP fans can relate with me. Music speaks to us in a way that’s beyond human comprehension. It understands us, listens to us as we listen to it and for the fans – helps us unwaveringly. This is also one of the main reason why the artists often have such a large following.

My point is; the artists who produce, sing, perform these play a huge role in our life – with or without us knowing it. But what happens when these artists get into trouble? A lot of things can happen and not a lot of them are positive (and a lot of artists have got their careers shortened).

BTS – the boy band we all have grown to love and the ones who’s popularity has been sky-rocketing all around the world lately due to their musicality have been finding themselves in the middle of various controversies. The NEWS are all around the internet and we are not going to talk about it. But what we WILL talk about is how the fans, especially Indian fans, have responded to the matter at hand.

PROJECT23 in India

The song “2!3!” was produced by BTS for their fans – ARMY. The song speaks about them being there for their fans who might be going through rough times. It speaks about how the boys are with them through thick and thin and that the pain will not last forever and good days will soon be upon us(fans). “Project23” is about showing support to these boys by getting this song trending in iTunes, sending a message to the artists that the fandom will always be with them too and boy ARMY responded to the project!

Indian ARMY also participated in this worldwide fan project and succeeded in getting the song ( which is actually over a year old ) trending in iTunes India! Although it is no longer a rare sight to see K-POP songs charting in iTunes anymore, it is certainly a rare sight to witness a non-title track to be charting in iTunes, let alone a year old track that is no longer being promoted – that too for a fan project! It is to be noted the song was present in 2 albums, “WINGS” and “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” and Indian fans got “2!3!” from both the albums trending. To add cherry on top, the fans also got the song “Moving On” – also by BTS, charting in iTunes!


We recently wrote about India being ready for a BTS Concert (?) and we feel that we are approaching closer & closer to the answer.