People around the globe are shaking off the pandemic blues, quarantine has caught up by almost everyone, but the dance crews from India are unstoppable by dancing their way through quarantine and all while social distancing. Kpop lovers are planning to make a lot more dance routines while they are isolated at home. During these months recently they celebrated the Anniversary of the top 2 worldwide popular bands BTS and BlackPink.

Today we have interviewed KDCI and Green Machine Projects who have done a fabulous Anniversary project with the talented dance crews of India, let’s read to know more about them!


About the admin’s of KDCI & Green Machine Project [GMP]

KDCI: Hello! I’m Kunal Waghmare, (stage name Rex) Leader of Ddaeng Crew and Administrator of KDCI. I’m just a 21-year-old fanboy who doesn’t want to wait for people to pave the path for me but to do so on my own.

GMP: Hello everyone! This is Mary K., I am an organizer of K-Pop Contests and other K-Culture related events held in Mizoram.


  1. Can you tell me more about your team?

KDCI: K-Dance Community India or KDCI is as the name says a community made for K-dancers in India. Here the K stands for Korean Music and not just specifically K-pop. KDCI is a platform where we push forward K-Dancers in India. We give them a platform to showcase their skills through various dance challenges we plan throughout the month. We want to promote the local talent, give them a platform to not just showcase their skills but also to know about all the events going on in India and opportunities available for them.

GMP: Green Machine Project is an Event Management Company and is now currently under V.A.K & Company. Due to Covid-19 we are still unable to process a number of our lined up Events. However, we will be able to start soon under the new Management. Unlike other Management Company, we are more focused on promoting Talented Kpoppers in India and will be working towards promoting them more in the future.


2. How did you come up with this project?

KDCI: This project was a mastermind of our PR team, Rhea and Navi. They one fine day came and pitched the idea as a national dance project by KDCI and how can I say no to such a great idea plus it was scheduled on a perfect day as BlackPink marked their 4th Debut Anniversary. The team started working on letting the crews under KDCI know about this project and with everybody’s support, we made it happen.

GMP: I have been interested in K-Pop since 2002 and was always looking for a chance when I was younger but due to the generation gap it was impossible for me at that time. I started getting back to the Kpop scene in 2015 when I got a chance to help out Frozen Crew winner of the 2015 Kpop Contest in their journey.

I wanted to help out Indian Kpoppers in achieving their dreams. It’s a slow process but we are on the way.


3. Who all are behind this project?

KDCI: Rhea and Navi, the masterminds behind the project. Rhea also spent hours editing the video which if you know a thing or two about video editing you’ll understand how exhausting it is. I did PR and designed posters for the event and the crews namely LDC, Hermit Clan, Ddaeng Crew, KLan Switch, Teenhearts, OutKasts, Darklight, Helix from all over India who covered “How You Like That” and made it possible despite the current situation.

GMP:  The name Green Machine actually comes from Khawlhring (our surname) translated into English.

So, the team is mostly formed by members of our family. However, we will be looking forward to adding members soon. After the management of our new company is handed over.


4.Any future plans?

KDCI: We plan on growing its reach, we have recently collaborated with and now plan on publishing articles on K-Dance scenario and events in India. We are going to make some major changes in our internal team and grow our social media reach. KDCI also plans on organizing not just online but offline events throughout India as soon as the situation settles down. We hope you all support us on this journey!

GMP: Yes, of course. Once this pandemic is over we will travel to different cities to shoot exciting videos. And more content for our YouTube Channel. And collaboration with other Event Management Companies.


5. What is the aim of your company?

KDCI: As K-dancers invest a lot and get almost nothing in return, like money, efforts and waiting every year for one competition which gives us one chance to shine didn’t really seem like a great option I decided instead of waiting for others to provide us with opportunities let’s create a platform which will be a community for all of us and make opportunities for ourselves and help each other to get the recognition we deserve.

GMP: Our main aim is to help talented Kpoppers to be known and open a worldwide platform for them.


As we have such amazing dance communities in India I’m sure the level of excitement of all the Kpop dance lovers will grow more and we’re proud that our India does have a bright future ahead. Go Indian Dance Crew you all have huge support from all the K-Pop Lovers. Hwaiting!