In September, KHIGH covered a story about Queen Heo Hwang Ok who is believed to be an Indian princess. Governments of both countries, India and South Korea have worked together to strengthen the ties. We are elated to report new plans that will further boost this relationship. There are also plans for Queen Heo memorial park in Ayodhya, India.


ICCR’ book on international love stories

The latest addition to Queen Heo Hwang Ok’s popularity is a story on Queen Heo Hwang Ok and King Kim Suro’s love story. ICCR’s (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) book on International Love Stories will feature the queen’s love story with King Kim Suro.

According to “Samguk Yusa”, Queen Heo Hwang Ok is believed to be an Indian princess Suriratna who got married to King Kim Suro of Gaya, a kingdom in ancient Korea. Indians and Koreans are believed to share a trace of DNA as well. It is believed that she came from “Ayuta”, which is present-day Ayodhya. Some other sources say that she hailed from Tamil Nadu. Nevertheless, her story has been an interesting aspect of strengthening the ties between India and South Korea.


An Indo-Korean Musical?

In addition to the storybook, Queen Heo Hwang Ok’s story is also going to be adapted into a musical next year. It will be a joint venture between the Indian and South Korean governments. The musical will be first performed in India with Indian actors, and later it will be performed in South Korea with Korean and Indian actors.


What do you think of the recent developments of India and South Korea relations?

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