I am angry and today I write with it. I have no intention to sugar coat and be diplomatic, being a follower of this industry for a long time and being an ardent observer of all things carelessly spewed on, I intend to reflect and raise my questions. You don’t have to like this article nor will I ask you to.



K-Pop gives me a sense of joy that I’ve found in no other place, but as I got more into it, I came across a lot of things that I have found disturbing. October 14th, 2019; We lost the most outspoken, fearless and pardon my french but a public figure in the K-Pop industry who actually gave a fxxx about issues, used her voice to raise concerns and talked about racism and sexism while the rest of the industry shied away from or were too busy keeping their ‘innocent’ image.



It was announced earlier by the Korean police department and later confirmed by SM entertainment that Sulli an ex-member of girl group f(x) was found dead in her apartment.

It has been ruled as a suicide but police are said to be still carrying out further investigations. A memo was also acquired in her apartment which has been assured not to be a suicide letter or a diary but the contents of it will not be revealed. Also, SM entertainment updated on Sulli’s funeral that, it will be a private one respecting her family’s wishes.




As soon as the news broke out fans were left in shock and many including the industry have sent her family their thoughts and prayers. We ourselves observed several comments on our sns many fans raised concern over the management of SM entertainment too.


So, here’s one truth:

We are all responsible for her death.


The amount of hatred that goes around on twitter, WhatsApp groups, stan communities, the comment section and many more, is insanely dangerous. What is more shocking that, it’s ordinary people who you could never imagine being capable of evil between all ages, writing it. It seems like “everyone is entitled to their opinion” has been grossly taken out of context.

Now coming to the industry and the way it deals with negativity: often I’ve seen idols/artists apologize for the most ridiculous of things just because fans/netizens say they didn’t like it. This cancerous culture goes both ways. It takes two to tango and idols/artists abiding by everything, apologizing, people-pleasing, avoiding to talk about right and wrong are only and only perpetuating this culture and giving power to the toxic crowd online. It’s such a shame that they don’t use their platforms to create awareness and just stay silent. Which isn’t good for their health either.


Please note that, we are not claiming to know the cause of her death, we are merely pointing out something she battled and many of us battle on a daily basis and we just can’t keep shut.


Sulli was different, she was one rare soul with a voice who every day put her “image” on the line to fight for the right notions, to speak up. Frankly, she had more guts than this industry combined!

She was a vocal advocate for women empowerment, feminism, body positivity, cyberbullying and so much more. She often made bold choices put forth opinions that are Haw-ed upon in Korea. In a society where we all go through such issues on a daily basis but don’t show it, even those who bully have conflicts of their own; Here was a leader trying her best to spread awareness for us and all she got in return was to be allegedly branded as “weird”, “mental”, “shameless”, “slut” and whatnot.



So my first question is, who killed Sulli?

Yes, it has been ruled a suicide but is that it? Is no one going to address the years of very evident abuse she faced online on her Instagram page and other platforms? Every day the girl was spat on in the comment section for every little choice she made. Everything in her life was open to discussion from her clothes, to how she was posing in the pictures, to who she dated. I want to ask those commenters, are you satisfied?


Sulli: “I am not a bad person. I’m sorry. Why are you saying bad things about me? Tell me one thing I did to deserve this?”


And today so many have been pouring in expressing sadness what’s funny is many amongst them might/do give hate to others on different occasions.


Bullying is NOT OKAY.

You writing a hate comment because you feel like or are upset or you don’t like them is NOT OKAY.

Justifying your hatred towards someone because you feel down is NOT OKAY.

Accepting hate, comments, insults when you have done nothing wrong is NOT OKAY.

Having a mass following where thousands look up to you, having that power to influence change and still keeping shut is NOT OKAY.


Think before you comment or speak, just for a scecond put yourself in their shoe ask yourself “if someone said something like that to me would i like it?”

Be kind. You never know what the other person is going through.


Netizens’ words are serving as blades upon which lives are being lost.

My last question is, how many more need to end before we realize the malice we are spreading in someone’s life, while hiding behind our screens?