Ravi Love & Fight

RAVI of VIXX and GROOVL1N is back with an LP titled “Love And Fight”, consisting a total of 11 songs. Compared to his previous LP, “El Dorado” which gave listeners pop-rock anthems, this LP portrays a heart-wrenching mood as one’s pine on the distinct emotions of love.

The title track ‘WINNER’ talks about one’s imprudent way of holding on and making mistakes and admitting to your lover that you are a winner despite all. In this title track, RAVI pours his emotions alongside AMBITION’s rapper, ASH ISLAND with his soft rock rapping style that perfectly complements the song.

The next track, GUNS is about one’s desire in keeping the connection intact between two individuals. Following this, is the song VIRUS (ft. JUSTHIS)’ which apprises us about the burning pain and anger felt between two lovers upon drifting apart. JUSTHIS completes this song by pouring all his emotions into his rap skills, making it excellent.

‘LOVE HATE FIGHT (ft. nafla)’ perceives the troubles that come along while in a relationship and how they should overcome it. Boombap King, nafla gives this song a finishing touch with his rap skills alongside RAVI. Next up – ‘WHAT’S MY PROBLEM’, confesses one’s feeling of depression and sinking out of love. The expression of smoking into their emotions while having no intention of loving someone is strong here.

‘LET ME DOWN SLOWLY (ft. COLD BAY) talks about one’s anticipation of love and how despite that, to give it time. COLD BAY adds an R&B touch to the lyrical piece, thus enhancing the song’s appeal even more. The follow-up,DROWNING IN THE RAIN’ gives a voice to masking one’s pain and trying to be the perfect person, not wanting to go back to their lover because they might just end up losing them all over again.

‘1,2,3 (ft. XYDO)’ rattles about the tension between two lovers & how they yearn for each other but don’t want to make mistakes by making a hasty decision. XYDO‘s uncommon rapping makes the song even more thrilling!

‘CANNONBALL (ft. PAUL BLANCO)’, is up next and tells about dropping the sensation of love like a cannonball until one doesn’t feel the emotions of love but still rather, wants the other to stay. PAUL BLANCO adds a beautiful touch with his vocalization to RAVI’s vocalization.

‘ANI (ft. SOYEON of (G)-IDLE)’ tells about how they want to live in their own animation and be in leisure and over the top. The last track, WARRIOR’ ends the tale with the story of making it to the top, being successful, and all the hard work that has been put in making one’s self powerful like a warrior!

RAVI’s vocals & rapping style hence intertwines throughout the songs in the album, proffering on the agonizing and tragical thematic emotions, making ‘Love And Fight’, one of his best albums to date!


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