After a visit to the funky K-Pop MV locations, it is time to visit the K-drama locations! We all have wanted to visit South Korea, witness the locations and relive the moments from our favorite K-Dramas. So, hop on to another fun-filled virtual travel with us!

Each drama is filmed around several locations in and around Seoul. Many dramas have been filmed at international locations as well. The list of filming locations can go on and on!

Let’s start with our first K-drama on the list then!


Alexa, play ‘Everytime’ by Chen and Punch…

Guessed the drama yet?

‘Descendants of the Sun’ official drama poster. Image Credits- Pinterest


Descendants of the Sun’ or ‘태양기 호예’ was a pan-Asia hit when it was released in 2016. There have been remakes of the hit drama in Taiwanese and Vietnamese languages as well! This K-Drama was filmed in South Korea and Greece. Today, we shall visit the locations in South Korea.

So, let’s begin! Our first stop for the day is the Taebaek Hanbo Coal Mine. This mine served as the base camp in the fictional city of Urk, for the soldiers in the drama. *swoons over the soldiers doing their morning exercises*

The drama set was dismantled after filming from the site, but the place is open for people to visit. KTO has expressed their views to rebuild the set again, for tourists.

Taebaek Hanbo Coal Mine as seen in the drama. Image Credits – Pinterest/KBS2


Next on the list is Samtan Art Mine. Another mine, which is now long defunct. The mine, formerly known as Samcheok Coal Mine was operational from 1965 to 2001. It was turned into an art gallery in 2013. Some sections of the mine are also turned into wine cellars since the temperatures are cold down there.

Samtan Art Mine as seen in the drama. Image Credits- Pinterest/KBS2

The scene where Song Hye Kyo’s character is kidnapped in the drama, was also filmed at Samtan Art Mine. The mine-turned-art-gallery has memorabilia from the drama, such as the costumes worn by the cast and several posters. Visitors can wear the costumes to click pictures.

Last on the list is the Camp Greaves DMZ Experience Center. It used to serve as a base for the US Army Force. It is located only two kilometers away from the Demilitarized Zone between South Korea and North Korea. It now serves as a unit to promote peace. It also hosts a youth hostel.

Camp Greaves DMZ. Image Credits – Korea Bizwire


Additionally, the drama also features quaint cafes and food joints. We see the characters frequent Dal.Komm cafe for their dates or discussions with friends. Popular fast-food chain, Subway also makes a cameo in the drama.

Dal.Komm Cafe as seen in the drama. Image Credits – KBS2

I know I am going to re-watch the drama after reading this post. What about you?


*eagerly waiting for the promised sequel*


Written by

Nandini Iyengar

An aspiring translator and a writer!