As a K-Drama enthusiast, there are numerous events when we finish one drama and our mind will constantly wonder which one to watch next. Trust me we have been there too, browsing the catalog to find a drama to binge-watch after another. But we have news for you, excited to hear us……. Netflix is all set to release another Korean Drama “Navillera” to make your mundane March more fun.

Navillera (나빌레라) is scheduled to premiere from 22nd March at 9 P.M KST. The drama title literally translates to Like a butterfly, which seems to be too apt for the drama. The official trailer for the drama was released by Netflix on 5th March and the trailer bagged 17,005 views. Were you not a part of this figure? no worries, it was somewhere here……Ahh here you go

Navillera (나빌레라) is based on a webtoon that shares the same name. The webtoon was written by writer Hun and illustrated by Ji-min. The story entangles 70 Y/o Deok-Chool with 23 y/o Chae-Rok, in the background of a ballet school. Shim Deok-Chool dreamed to be a ballerina in his youth but he is consumed by responsibilities from his wife, and children. Engulfed in the responsibilities his dream is long lost, looking back at the gone days now at the age of 70 he realizes that he still had the urge to perform ballet.

Lee Chae-Rok has had experiences in all areas to find his interest but none turns out to be the perfect fit. He joins ballet school to have a taste of it and finds himself molding into the ballerina shoes. Sharing the genes of his deceased mother who used to be a ballet dancer, it was gifted to him. Life throws situations that make Lee Chae-Rok waver and forget about his talent. When these two meets it is a fate that changes their lives.

Why are we excited for the Navillera?

Deep Message and insight at life

We all grew up listening to this phrase while adulting “There is no age to chase your dreams” and this drama is a pictorial form of the phrase. Shim Deok-Chool is 70 but his passion is as fierce as a 20 y/o. Despite numerous backlashes from his own wife and kids in his voyage to achieve his dreams he does not waver a bit and pursues his dream, for himself.

This story sets an example for the younger generation to not lose hope in dreaming and chasing the dreams despite any circumstance. This iconic line from the drama is an apt example to describe his burning passion.

“I, too, want to try flying for once in my life.” – Shim Deok-Chool

tvN poster for Navillera

It is never too late to chase your dream

Lee Chae-Rok found his talent at the age of 23. Despite failing in every other sport from basketball to swimming, he finally finds his expertise in ballet. His father and he loses contact with each other and fending himself becomes tough let alone pursue ballet.

He meets Shim Deok-Chool at a time when he almost gave up on ballet, Deok-Chool encourages him to not give up and helps him do his best in life and in the ballet shoes. Lee Chae-Rok pushes his limits and finds himself mastering his talent and chases after his dream.

tvN poster for Navillera

Amazing cast

Directed by Han Dong-Hwa the director behind brilliant works like Miss Lee, Bad Guys: Vile City, and Squad 38.

The main character Shim Deok-Chool is played by Park In-Hwan who starred in King Maker, The Odd Family: Zombie On Sale, Lucid Dream. Lee Chae-Rok is played by Song Kang who became the heart-throb with his charming role on Love Alarm. Na Moon-Hee plays the role of Hae Nam (Wife of Shim Deok-Chool). Hong Seung-Hee captivates eyes in the role of Shim Eun-Ho (granddaughter of Shim Deok-Chool).

The drama is bound to be a hit with such a splendid crew and cast.

Navillera Press Conference tvN

Prior to the release, the Navillera team held a press conference on the 16th and the cast shared their thoughts about their characters in the drama and what fans can expect from the upcoming hit.

The drama is different than the projects I have taken before, while I was studying up on the character, I think I did not think that it was hard at all. To be honest, I think I did not feel pressured regarding audience appeal. I was very satisfied as I learnt a lot from the set. – Song Kang

The drama is all set to entertain the audience with 12 episodes from March 22nd. It will air on Netflix every Monday & Tuesday.

Tell us in the comments are you excited about the drama? What are you expecting from this drama? We are curious to see how the story unfolds.