Namaste Dreamers!
We are the first idol culture group in India showcasing Indian Pop through storytelling. We are trying to create a community and an environment to help & motivate young talents to achieve their dreams & career in music.
We are open to recruit talents in the field of Photo/Video Editing, Music Production and Graphic Designing/Digital Sketching and Digital Art. If you possess the necessary skills and knowledge in the above mentioned fields then you may not want to miss this opportunity to promote your work through our platform. Working with a team like us will surely be a good experience for you and the best part of IVERSE is that we work on no funds policy and still managed to come this far with the help of our amazing core team.
You can either email us your portfolio to the email address below or you can DM us your work on our Instagram handle @iverse.official.
Also for further information or query you can reach out to us again through Instagram by DMs.