The velvety voiced Queens of K-Pop, Red Velvet, are back with their 6th mini-album, ‘Queendom’. The album follows in the footsteps of their last album release, The ReVe Festival: Finale in 2019. The group, with the addition of Wendy, is back as a quintet this comeback, and has already scaled up various music charts around the world – #1 on Genie, Bugs, Vibes, QQ & KuGou Music Digital Album Sales Chart, and even on 50 iTunes Album Chart around the world (at the time of writing)!

The countries where the album topped iTunes include India, France, the US, Malaysia, Spain, Australia, Chile, UAE, etc., with Thailand and Vietnamese RevLuvs being the very first scorers! Red Velvet also climbed to the top of iTunes Songs Charts in 12 countries worldwide with the lead track of this mini-album (at the time of writing).

The mini-album contains 6 trendy tracks, with a title track titled ‘Queendom’. The sounds explored in the lead single leans more towards the “Red” side of “Red Velvet”, i.e., vibrant and upbeat. It also is focused on conveying a message of empowerment to all listeners, with a chorus that rings, “Cause we are kings and queens, put your hands up higher / The more it gathers, the more beautiful it gets, shining bling bling / Even if it rains, strong and beautiful / Rainbow completed in all different colors.”

After almost 2 years of wait, the ‘Queendom’ album that evokes nostalgia for the group’s successful past and excitement for its bright future, is the perfect dose of pleasant sonics we all needed in our quotidian lives!


Did you listen to the mini-album, ‘Queendom’ by Red Velvet yet? What did you think of 2021’s Red Velvet? Which track is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.
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