Red Velvet’s Irene is off to a great start in 2021! Not only is she making her highly anticipated silver screen debut but she also has released her first solo OST which is reaching heights on various charts! Her song, ‘A White Night’ released on 14th February 2021, is the original soundtrack for the Korean Movie, Double Patty where she stars as a lead, alongside actor, Shin Seung-Ho. Ahead of the movie release, the song has accumulated more than 60K streams on Spotify within the first 24 hours of its release (at the time of writing).

The song had peaked #4 on iTunes Chart in India alongside making it to #1 in 8 other countries like Qatar, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It’s the best Valentine’s gift for both Irene and Indian ReVeLuvs, given the release date! We can proudly count it as a step closer towards strengthening the already building fanbase of Red Velvet in our country. The hard work of the dedicated fans has definitely paid off!



A White Night

A White Night’ is a sweet, acoustic, elegant song and with Irene’s saccharine voice, it’s a treat for her fans. The song is a traditional acoustic soundtrack composed with the calming violin and guitar. Having the charms of a fairytale, the lyrics are poetic, describing a winter night walking on the streets of Itaewon. The song is magical, makes you feel warm and cozy in the cold and harsh winters.


Check out the track here:


Double Patty

Releasing on 17th February 2021, Double Patty is a movie about serendipity, how two people looking for jobs meet in a hamburger restaurant, ordering a double patty with the ‘by one get one’ offer. It is one of the movies with the highest reservation rate across CGV cinemas! Indian ReVeLuvs are also hyped up and are very excited to watch Irene’s performance in her first movie.


Watch the trailer here:


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