Refund Sisters (환불 원정대), who recently debuted together on the 10th of October this year with the song Don’t Touch Me, are a 4 member project girl group that was formed through the MBC variety show Hangout With Yoo (놀면 뭐하니?). The group consists of 4 powerful women that have already debuted in the K-Pop industry and have now joined forces to release songs together.


Hangout With Yoo, also known as How Do You Play? is a fun series that is available to watch on YouTube with Yoo Jae Suk taking on various projects. One segment of the show is about the Refund Sisters and the girls are shown playing games, doing different promotional activities and other fun things with their producer and other people.

Instead of their actual names, every member uses a stage name for their Refund Sisters promotions.


Lee Hyori is known as Chun Ok because ‘chun’ means heaven and ‘ok’ means jade so it signifies a child-like jade coming down from heaven.

Uhm Junghwa is called Man Ok.

Jessi is under the stage name Eun Bi.

Hwasa chose the name Sil Bi.


The initial idea of this project came about when Lee Hyori said in an SSAK3 interview that her dream girl group would include herself, Uhm Junghwa, Jessi and Hwasa. After that, the girls held a meeting together and debuted with Yoo Jaesuk (from the show Hangout With Yoo) as their producer. Their name ‘Refund Sisters’ was made when the soloist Rain joked that those 4 are famous divas in Korea that can get a refund from any store they go to. 


Before debuting with the Refund Sisters, each person in the group has debuted before- solo, in a group or both. Uhm Junghwa (Man Ok) is a soloist. Lee Hyori (Chun Ok) is a former member of the groups Fin.K.L and SSAK3 and is now a soloist. Jessi (Eun Bi) is a former member of the group’s Uptown, Lucky J and Unnies and is currently a soloist. Hwasa (Sil Bi) is a member of Mamamoo as well as a soloist.



Immediately after their savage debut song ‘Don’t Touch Me‘ released, it got a lot of attention- and for all the right reasons! Just a few days after the single dropped, it achieved a rare Perfect All Kill (PAK) on music streaming platforms. Along with Blackpink, they are the only girl group that has achieved a PAK in 2020. Plus, they announced that all the profits that they made from the song would be donated to charity.


Why is ‘Refund Sisters’ unique?

The most unique thing about this project girl group is that every member is born in a different decade. The oldest, Man Ok is born in 1969, then Chun Ok in 1979, after that Eun Bi 1988 and lastly the maknae Sil Bi is born in 1995.

The members have also discussed why they would cancel their contract and each of them has unique and personal reasons. Man Ok said that she would cancel her contract if she was forced to execute a tight schedule, hence not giving her any free time. Chun Ok is allowed to cancel her contract the day she gets pregnant as she is planning to do so soon. Sil Bi will end her contract if she doesn’t get to eat on time. Eun Bi doesn’t have a specific reason she would cancel her contract but she would like her contract period to only be a month-long.


So, do you stan the Refund Sisters? How did you like their debut song Don’t Touch Me? Share your thoughts with us below in the comments!