Once again we’re back with an interview with your favourite K-Artists and this time around its none other than the super rookie AleXa!

‘Decoherence’, her latest album, officially marks the end of the artist’s debut trilogy that started off with the song ‘Bomb’, went on to ‘Do Or Die’ and finally concluded with ‘Revolution’. Each song is packed with ‘AleXa’s origin’ storyline continuing off of each other. ‘Decoherence’ also signals the opening of her next story universe!

*All photographs courtesy of ZB Label.


More on ‘Decoherence’ & its title track ‘Revolution’

Before her debut, AleXa had come to India last year in April along with IN2IT and performed in Mumbai and Delhi. She made a successful debut on 21st October 2019. The latest album ‘Decoherence’ with the title track ‘Revolution’ was released on her first debut anniversary. Revolution is an enticing song full of swagger and lyrics luring you to follow AleXa while she leads an uprising; Produced by K-pop hitmakers LDN Noise with elements of Hip Hop, Latin and Symphonic moments incorporated into it.




“We created the music video with the idea of bringing the exciting and dynamic visuals to life, giving the final chapter of AleXa’s origin storyline the grand finale it deserves,” says Angelina Foss, Head of ZB Label, “Having AleXa always be so open for new challenges made this entire project possible. Our team worked very hard, but most importantly, we all had so much fun in the process of creating ‘REVOLUTION.’”




On the Decoherence EP, AleXa has collaborated with internationally known composers and producers that have worked with global artists such as BTS, Red Velvet and RBW groups (ONEUS, MAMAMOO, ONEWE, etc).

Check it out below!


In her conversation with KPOP HIGH INDIA, AleXa spoke about her latest album, her unique concept, working on a podcast with other idols and lots more. She has even left a special message for her A.I Troopers so make sure to read till the end!




“It was a very stressful time, but at the end of the day, music helps me get through my struggles.”


KHIGH: Can you please tell us briefly about the making of the “Decoherence” album?

AleXa: We started recording it during the summer, starting with “Villain”. We were recording and fixing songs up until the first week of September, actually. I was in and out of the studio multiple times a week for MONTHS. Thankfully, I was able to contribute to the creative process of the album in writing some of the lyrics to the tracks~ It was a very stressful time, but at the end of the day, music helps me get through my struggles; in creating this album, it was a healing process for myself. Very grateful for the wonderful and skilled teams that we worked with while creating the album.



“(Doing stunts) was super exciting, and honestly not scary in the slightest.”


KHIGH: For this music video, you filmed all of your own stunts and we heard that you were also injured in the process. Fans recently saw on your Instagram that you had gone to a Korean Action School too. So, as a fan of action and stunts can you tell us what that entire experience was like? How did you think of implementing action in your MVs?

AleXa: It was SO FUN!!!! I’ve always wanted to try stunt work, specifically combat. Albeit, the fight choreo changed completely the day of the shoot, but thanks to the awesome team of stuntmen we worked with, the shoot went flawless and without injury! Or, at least the *fight* choreography did, haha… the explosions? That’s another story. It was super exciting, and honestly not scary in the slightest. The scariest part of that portion of the filming was getting hit- BUT, getting hit sent my adrenaline RUSHING and my brain was like “THERE IS A LION CHASING YOU RUN FASTER!!!!” Very fun process. Absolutely no regrets and would 100% do it again.



“The team figured it was time that we gave a ballad song a try…”


KHIGH: Your song “Moon And Back” has a very different vibe from the rest of your music, what was your inspiration for that track?

AleXa: The team figured it was time that we gave a ballad song a try, and I could not be more grateful for the song that I received. As a child, my parents frequently read me the book Guess How Much I Love You- in the book, there’s a quote, “I love you right up to the moon and back”, which my mother would tell me all the time as our goodnight. I tell it to my fans on Twitter at the end of ‘menpas’ (mention parties/interactive session with fans), most of the time. That was the inspiration for the title.


Moon And Back is a song that AleXa helped write for her fans that have stuck with her through thick and thin as a way of bidding farewell to them.



“…personally, I would like to try a chic and mature sexy concept…”


KHIGH: Since your entire concept quite stands out in the K-Pop industry, what do you think are the advantages of having a unique concept, and what different concepts would you like to try in the future?

AleXa: Rather than having just a unique concept, I am so blessed to have such a unique and special company. There are several perks of being a part of the ZB Label/ZanyBros family, as their artist. Our company is a creative powerhouse full of hardworking visionaries who strive to make their ideas a reality. We would love to try MANY concepts in the future, but personally, I would like to try a chic and mature sexy concept, like Gain’s “Paradise Lost”, or Sunmi’s “24 Hours” or “Full Moon”.



AleXa Album art
“He is a joy to work with, and all of us fell in love with his art style!”


KHIGH: The covers of your albums have a huge artistic aspect in terms of animation and design. Have you ever taken part in designing these images like what you would wear or what your hair would be like?

AleXa: The album art is a TREMENDOUS thank you to Malcolm, aka RocketBoi Art, who lives in South Africa! He’s a joy to work with, and all of us fell in love with his art style! I anticipate seeing the cover art every comeback~ As for character design and whatnot, it all comes from Malcolm’s incredible mind. Our team provides the hair color and outfit inspiration, and he runs with it.



“I was so nervous if I would even break 100 people, so imagine my surprise when our wonderful CEO broke the news to me that we had near 7K fans in attendance.”


KHIGH: Back in July, you had your very first online concert which was a huge success having a count of 7,000 viewers. Can you share what it was like performing for your fans through a screen?

AleXa: As much as I do miss performing in front of a live audience, I was immensely happy to have been given the opportunity to perform for my fans online. It was truly an amazing experience that will always stay with me throughout the course of my career. I was so nervous if I would even break 100 people, so imagine my surprise when our wonderful CEO broke the news to me that we had near 7K fans in attendance. It really blew my mind, and I am so grateful to everyone who attended.



KHIGH: If people are hearing about AleXa for the very first time, what song of yours would you recommend as a first listen?

AleXa: I would recommend ‘Bomb’!!! It’s my debut song and it definitely gives you the signature AleXa sound right off the bat.



KHIGH: Recently you became a co-host for one of the Dive Studios’ podcasts, what has the experience of working on a podcast been like?

AleXa: It’s a lot more fun than I expected. Dive is such a chill place to be and the team makes the recording sessions fun~ Stan Day6 lol



“…attending the Soribada Awards, where I won my first award.”


KHIGH: You have completed a year as an Idol, what things stood out the most for you after debuting?

AleXa: Now that it’s been a year after debut, some of the key moments for me have been my first live stage at Music Bank for debut, performing in Singapore two weeks after debut, and attending the Soribada Awards, where I won my first award.


AleXa was awarded as the winner in the “New K-Wave Next Artist” category of this year’s “Soribada Best
K-Music Awards,” one of the biggest award shows of the season.



“…we can continue to walk down this path together…”


KHIGH: Please share a message for A.I Troopers!

AleXa: Hello you lovely, lovely humans. Thank you for all the love and support, from all over the world. I hope and pray that we can continue to walk down this path together for the next few years and watch each other grow. Stay safe, happy, and healthy! Hopefully, I can see you all soon. Love you all to the moon and back~



AleXa isn’t just breaking through walls and boundaries, she is also breaking the charts. Her very first single ‘Bomb’ jumped straight onto the Billboard Top 10 World Digital Song Sales Chart and she never backed down from there. In addition to that, she has joined forces with ICM Partners that are with internationally award-winning artists.

With a prestigious award, a huge record deal and a spot on the charts already under her belt, we can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for the AleXa Universe- we’re sure it’s going to pack a punch as usual!