Before the airing of the Mega Interview of this year, the interview of BTS by NDTV INDIA, entertainment journalist Rohit Khilnani hyped up the Desi ARMYs even further with more details of the interview!


Power of DESIMYs

Expressing how amazing it was to interview our talented boys who greeted him with a courteous ‘Namaste’, he went on to compliment the power and love of the Indian ARMY fandom. Not just for the 7 boys and their inspiring music but also for himself! The Indian journalist who finally got BTS to acknowledge the love that India specifically showered on them.

The love however didn’t just stop there but also extended to the hardworking team of @bangtan_india, who worked closely with Rohit to bring about this wonderful opportunity.


Interview Teasers

Rohit also teased about talking with the magnanimous BTS boys about their upcoming album, “BE (Delux Edition)”, set to be released sometime later in the year. He also communicated the boys’ apologies for not being able to perform for the Indian ARMYs before and their gratitude for their undying love and support.


AR Rahman On BTS

He had two other surprises planned for the Desi ARMYs. One was in the form of a heartwarming acknowledgment of our boys and the South Korean music industry by one of the greatest Indian musicians, Mr. A.R. Rahman.

“One should look at South Korea and BTS for the way they market their music”


The second was a short clip of a chat with Actor Aahana Kumra, who fell in love with the boys and their amazing music on her first visit to Korea.

“What I really liked about their music was that it was really gender-fluid. It wasn’t like they were confined to norms.”

Her fangirl reaction while talking of the boys is also really relatable!

She described travelling to Korea and walking in the marketplace and hearing BTS tracks playing every time she entered a shop saying, “I was just like, ‘What is this music?’ because everytime I would enter a shop, there would be such amazing music playing so I was just like ‘Who is the artist’ and everybody was like, ‘That’ s BTS, That’s BTS’…. I went back to the hotel and was like ‘I have to look them up and find out who they are’!”

*Drum roll*

The highlight revelation however is something totally unexpected and even more surreal which had the fandom going gaga over it.

BTS actually SAW and REACTED to some of the Desi ARMYs’ videos for Bangtan!

These sneak peeks of the highly anticipated interview are what has flamed the already burning fire so much so, that October 30th seems almost an eternity away to all!


Stay tuned for the interview airing at 8:30 pm and 10:30 pm on NDTV 24X7 channel and online, on and their social media pages on Facebook and YouTube.

Comment down below your overflowing hopes and enthusiasm for this long-awaited, long-dreamed-of interview!