On Nov 6th Rolling Stone India announces their Collector Edition: “The Ultimate Guide To BTS”

Rolling Stone India is bringing back the historic collectors edition that has over the years documented top artists this world has ever seen. November 2020 is #BTSxRollingStoneIndia!

BTS is the top boy group in the world and after topping billboards twice in a row, they have gained huge respect and admiration which was due for a long time.

It includes an Exclusive Interview of BTS with the senior writer and producer Riddhi Chakraborty. As mentioned in their announcement article post, it’s going to be “the most detailed and in-depth interviews of their career, discussing their artistry, challenges, and their vision for the future.”

The iconic collective issue will see a compilation of detailed articles about BTS, a new Interview, which has been contributed by women and men of all ages, who come from different backgrounds across India, many also from the LGBTQ+ community. Journalists, comedians, activists, musicians, filmmakers, content creators, executives, and more…  And Yes, KPOPHIGHINDIA is also part of the collective!!

This edition will also feature a special piece of superstar singer Armaan Malik.

Before making the announcement they released figures of  BTS members on tweeter and asked fans to guess the artist. It created a lot of buzz among the fans, ‘Army’, regarding their collector edition magazine, which led to this-


#BTSxRollingStoneIndia trended at 1 for a while after the announcement.

Since the announcement has been made the fans of BTS also known as ARMY, can’t believe that it is finally happening.

Here are a few fan reactions-



Are you ready to witness history being made?

Check out the original announcement of Rolling Stone India HERE

Credits for the Original Cover:

Cover photograph by Yeongjun Kim
Art Direction by Tanvi Shah
Cover story and curation by Riddhi Chakraborty
Promotional artwork by Palak Joshi

Source: Roling Stone India