Rosé 'On The Ground'

Everything we need is Rosé’s ‘On The Ground’. Rosé debuted on March 12 with not one but two songs. She debuted on iTunes and went on to peak at #1, and at the same time trends on YouTube India and grabs a spot on Spotify Top 50 India.

Rosé is the second BLACKPINK member to debut solo. First was Jennie, who debuted with a single SOLO in 2018. Rosé’s debut comes after two long years of waiting and the fans have poured all of their energy into supporting their beloved vocalist. Rosé’s solo album titled R has two songs On The Ground and Gone, both are sung entirely in English.

Rosé ‘On The Ground’ Tops iTunes India

The charting for the songs on iTunes India took its time, Rosé On the Ground debuted at #15 and Gone debuted at #22. The songs slowly rose up in the ranks. It took a while, but Indian Blinks finally achieved their goal of bringing the title song to its peak on the iTunes India chart whereas Gone peaked at #3.

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On the Ground trending on YouTube

The music video for Rosé On The Ground too was trending on YouTube India. The song was at #2 as of 11 PM IST (March 12). Indian Blinks left no stone unturned to shower love for Rosé. The music video for On The Ground  has earned the title of most watched music video in 24 hours by a female artist in 2021. The song has surpassed 39 Million views and the numbers keep on increasing.

India among the top streaming countries on Spotify

India was amongst the top countries who were churning out maximum numbers for Rosé’s solo debut songs. India was at #6 for streaming both the songs on the single album R. Not only this, but Rose was amongst in the Top 50 on Spotify India. The singer was conquering charts on every music platform even two or three days after her solo debut.


With YG acknowledging Mumbai in their announcement for BlackPink’s online concert, to Indian Blinks giving it their all to chart the songs on Indian iTunes and YouTube, the fan-artist relationship just keeps getting stronger with each passing day.

Who knows, one day BLACKPINK might even hold a concert in India to meet their beloved Blinks?

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