BTS members Jhope and Suga celebrated their birthdays on 18th February and 9th March respectively. The group has been constant providers of donations to varied charity events. Jhope has made a highlight by donating 150 million won to a charity that cares for children with various disabilities on his birthday.

The @bangtan__bihar team took inspiration from the group’s meaningful contributions and planned to feed 100 needy people to celebrate the birthday of the members Jhope and Suga.

The drive was made successful with the cooperative efforts of the team and ARMYs who donated for this cause. The fund of Rs. 2500/- was collected and was used to buy food for 100 people.

The project was featured in a local newspaper Ganadesh newspaper as well, inspiring many to make a change in the lives of others in need.

These projects not only make a difference in the lives of others and inspires many. And the team has shown intentions in carrying in more such projects that help people in need.

We at the team KPOP HIGH INDIA wish  Jhope & Suga a very successful future and prosperity with great health in the coming years.