For the next trip to our Kdrama-land, I have chosen a few places frequented by a goblin, a grim reaper and a god.

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Here’s hint number 2 – The drama features the song Beautiful by Crush

I hope now you know where we’re going to go next!

Hop on the wagon and let’s visit filming locations of one of the highest-grossing drama of 2017 – GOBLIN! I’ve picked a handful of memorable locations from the drama!

Goblin is a fantasy drama written by the famous Hong sisters. The drama garnered a tremendous fan following not only in South Korea but also worldwide!

Pssst… we’ve all wanted to meet a handsome goblin or a grim reaper after watching this drama, didn’t we?

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First on the list is definitely Samcheongdong Doldamgil (삼청동 돌담길). The alleyway where Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak cross paths for the first time! The scene is so aesthetic and the monsoon shot simply adds to the mystical essence of the drama!

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Next up is the Mocca Booskstore 모카책which features bright yellow graffiti of Earnest Hemingway. The bookstore appeared in a scene where Eun Tak accidentally summons Kim Shin yet again! Sadly, the bookstore was demolished after filming, but the graffiti was is still there! The bookstore also featured in a Maxim Coffee CF starring Kim Woo Bin.

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The third stop on this journey is yet another bookstore! This trip is slowly turning into a booklover’s paradise, isn’t it?

Another bookstore which appears in the drama is Hanmi Bookstore 한미서점. It is a second-hand book store located in Incheon! Thankfully, till today it is as it looks in the drama. Who’s going to recreate this famous scene on their visit to the bookstore?

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Hanmi Bookstore. Credits –


Speaking of summoning, how can one forget the scene where Eun Tak summoned Kim Shin in a church! The church is none other than Mirinae Holy Church 미리내 성지. This church was built in 1986 and is known to be the most picturesque during autumn!

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Mirinae Church. Credits – Pinterest


We’ve visited the site where Kim Shin and Eun Tak meet for the first time. Then, how can we miss the site where Grim Reaper and Sunny first met?

The location is none other than the Yeongdap Station Pedestrian Bridge 용답역 육교. The two meet at a stall where an old lady is selling antique-looking jewellery. How can we forget Sunny’s hair flick when she greets the Grim Reaper?

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Yeongdap Bridge in real life. Credits – KTO


Goblin has given a wide array of tourist spots to visit! In a previous article on KPOP MV filming locations, I had mentioned Jumunjin Beach which grew popular after it appeared on a BTS album cover. The same beach also makes an appearance in this drama! Remember the scene where Kim Shin gives a bouquet of buckwheat flowers to Eun Tak? She is wearing the infamous red scarf in the scene! The popularity of the beach increased even more after the drama. So much that someone has set up shop to rent a red scarf, and flowers for fans to recreate the scene from the drama!

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For the final stop, let’s unwind and relax at the Borinara Hagwon Farm which makes an appearance several times in the drama. It is one of Goblin’s favourite places when he is in deep thought or when he wants to unwind.

Looks peaceful, doesn’t it?

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Who’s going to rewatch the drama after this? I know, I am!


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