sEODo Band Moon: Disentangle

Day 2 of KHIGH Summer Camp concluded with an hour-long chat session with sEODo, the Joseon Pop band. In the exclusive chat with Indian fans, the band spoke about their music and favourite tracks from their upcoming mini-album Moon: Disentangle. The mini-album released today (June 21, 2021). Here are three things to look forward to in sEODo band’s Moon: Disentangle!

1. Jazzy retro music

sEODo released their first mini-album Moon: Disentangle featuring the title track Citylights. The music video brings the Joseon Pop charm infused with retro jazzy music. The members are seen dressed in colour-coordinated clothes as they belt out the groovy dance number. The lyrics speak about finding one’s own light amidst the chaotic city lights.

2. Band members take their pick

The guitarist of sEODo band Yoon Tae Hwi picked the title track Citylights as his favourite pick from the album. In addition to this track, the album will also feature four more tracks. Ganggangsullae, which was crowned as the fan favourite track at the KHIGH Summer Camp will also feature in the mini-album.

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3. Tic Toc the time is ticking!

A few days ago, the band released a teaser video of the track Tic Toc. The short video glimpses into the band’s preparation for their first mini-album Moon: Disentangle. The video also shows how the album will look in its physical form!

So, who is excited for sEODo band’s first mini-album Moon: Disentangle? Which is your favourite track from the album? Tell us in the comments below!

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Nandini Iyengar

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