K-Pop boy group SEVENTEEN just released their ninth mini-album ‘Attacca’. It is the group’s second comeback this year, following the release of their last EP ‘Your Choice‘. The album has topped multiple iTunes charts in more than 19 regions like Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Taiwan, including India where the album topped the chart at #1 (at the time of writing)! It also topped Korean and Japanese real-time music charts like Genie, Melon, and Rakuten Music immediately upon release!


SEVENTEEN Attacca – ‘Rock With You’

Depicting their growth as artists, SEVENTEEN has matured with a more diversified sound, using Pop-Punk genres. The album ‘Attacca’ closely follows tones ventured from the classes of Rock and Punk, not new since they have taken this route before in their preceding albums. The title track ‘Rock With You‘ trails in the same direction with lyrics penned by Joshua, Vernon, and Woozi and assuring vocal performances by rap-line and dance-line as well as the strong vocal-line. The song is a promise to stay together in the testing times, a love letter that bursts with enthusiasm. The music video also shows a powerful choreography by the group which they are widely known for. SEVENTEEN has more activities listed in these last months of the year and after this release, we can’t wait anymore to see them!


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