Seventeen iTunes India

Seventeen is finally releasing their first proper comeback of 2021 following their 3rd Japanese single, ‘Not Alone’ that dominated Japanese charts including Billboard. After a successful year of solo releases and Japanese comebacks with double-platinum certifications, the self-producing idol group is back with their 8th mini-album, ‘Your Choice.’ The EP consists of 6 tracks with ‘Ready to love’ as the lead single which was released on 18th June, 2021.

Along with the music video of ‘Ready to love’ which is trending worldwide, Carats have gone all out on this comeback. 30 minutes into the release and they started trending at #1 on MelON. Well, the group continues to break records everywhere including India. The album ranked #1 on iTunes in several countries. This also includes India! Indian Carats showed off their presence by helping the album and the title track chart at #1 on iTunes India. Not only that, the rest of the tracks too ranked consecutively from #3 to #7!

Ready to love

With 3 versions, namely One Side, Other Side and Beside, this impressive album still proves to us that it’s only something Seventeen is capable of doing. The perfect summer release, ‘Ready to love‘ is a fresh yet passionate track that makes use of retro instruments. With a catchy hook that asks their lover to “run away” with them, ‘Ready to love‘ is a romantic R&B song with a summery vibe. The rest of the album has the recurring motif of love while the boys experiment with different genres from retro dance-pop to r&b ballads and energetic hip-hop tracks that showcase the strengths of each of the sub-units.

Seventeen has always marched to their own beat, confident in their own style. And Indian Carats appreciation of their tenacity can be seen through such comeback achievements. By the way, with ‘Your Choice’ just being one of the elements of their newest project, Power Of ‘Love,’ we wonder what else do they have in store for us.

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