K-Pop powerhouse SEVENTEEN are back with their fourth full album, ‘Face The Sun‘ and the title track, ‘HOT‘! The album is the preface to SEVENTEEN’s newest chapter in their musical journey, celebrating the group’s seventh anniversary. Composed of nine versatile tracks, the project amalgamates SEVENTEEN’s best features and new takes as they bring in dynamic sounds and arcane lore.

The opening and the only English track on the album, ‘Darl+ing‘ was pre-released almost a month ago, heightening the expectations for this album as members stated that the song’s music video contained several cues for ‘Face The Sun’. Since then, fans have been looking forward to this release and the proof lies on the charts across the globe. It now holds the highest 1st day of sales on Hanteo in 2022 with an overall of 1M+ sales on the first day of release. The title track ‘HOT’ debuted at #1 on the local Bugs chartrose to #1 in 20+ regions on the iTunes Songs chart, and landed #5 on Worldwide iTunes Song Chart. The album also climbed up to #1 on the iTunes Album chart in 20 regions, like Bolivia and Vietnam, including India (at the time of writing)!


SEVENTEEN – Face The Sun

‘HOT’ takes up right where ‘Darl+ing’ left off, the boys falling into the heat of the scorching sun to become one with it. The music video reveals the grunge, deserted sets where they bring chaos, juxtaposing their innocent image from the ‘Darl+ing’ music video. It also exemplifies their message – to overcome their fears and walk on daring paths to unveil the unknown future; eventually resembling their current dreams and exuberance as artists. The song begins with a Western guitar melody and incorporates several Western Rock elements with Hip-Hop and Pop. It’s an edgy-summer anthem with a robust, explosive soundscape, subsuming autotune, which surprisingly works wonders in the song.

SEVENTEEN’s discography is the true definition of unadulterated creation in K-Pop as every single song of theirs is crafted by the members, hence the title, ‘self-producing idols’. This album reflects the same as well; it assimilates genres of Rock (something SEVENTEEN is slowly creating its niche in), Pop, Hip-Hop, Trap, Dance, R&B and Ballad. There are no separate unit songs this time, a noticeable change from their previous LP tracklists.

All 13 members recently renewed their contracts with Pledis Entertainment, which the members shared, was a very unanimous decision yet was much deliberated. The essence behind the album is influenced by those personal feelings, as the group stated today at their comeback showcase, “We have returned with our first album after completing our contract renewals, and so we feel many new emotions. We were able to get this far thanks to our fans. We promise to show you a good side as we continue into the future.”


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