Seventeen's Mingyu Wonwoo Bittersweet

Seventeen’s Mingyu & Wonwoo have previously been the topic of heated discussions amidst fans for an eagerly anticipated collaboration. The expectations rose high after the group’s members Hoshi and The8 had their solo comebacks in April. Now seeing their bias wreckers collaborate on a digital single; it’s like a fantasy come true for the CARATs. ‘Bittersweet’ is the reiteration of both the young talents from being mainly rappers to being captivating vocalists as well. After featuring LeeHi, one of the most promising female artists of the Hip-Hop/R&B era, the track’s a complete package for obvious reasons.

 Mingyu Wonwoo Bittersweet

The song has already topped 5 countries including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam & Argentina on iTunes. Currently, it is on the 3rd spot in India following BTS’ Butter, both instrumental and English versions. ‘Bittersweet’ is hence doing great on the first day of its release itself and without a doubt will be topping more countries on iTunes in the coming days.


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About The Track, ‘Bittersweet’

The song is synchronizing upbeat textures of their voices alongside the guitar-led instrumental track. The effortless lyricism with LeeHi’s soft touch, feels like completing the smooth night rain vibe with an indie touch. A perfect playlist addition to listen to while walking under the moonlight, tracing after the stars in the night sky.

Seventeen as a group is officially making their comeback on June 18th with their eighth mini-album Your Choice’. How excited are you? Was ‘Bittersweet’ a saccharine dose of serendipity to you?

Let us know how you feel about the track and what it means to you.