When it comes to doing good deeds in the name of our idols, K-Pop stans are the most enthusiastic people to participate. Across the globe, there have been several donation drives held by kpoppers for different reasons, but most of them have one thing in common – they were a success!

The most recent one though was carried out by the team of @shineeworld_india, who donated to UNICEF India to help the people affected by the Cyclone Amphan for the maknae of SHINee Taemin’s birthday.

Image Credit: SHINee


With the help of fans from India and internationally as well, they were able to raise a whopping ₹10,568.56 and successfully pass it on to UNICEF.

We contacted the admins of @shineeworld_india to congratulate them as well as ask for a few more details from their end.

When asked why they decided to conduct this donation drive, they responded-

There’s always a good day to do something good for mankind. And when it comes to our SHINee boys’ birthdays, it always adds a special meaning to that. So when we were celebrating SHINee’s 12th debut Anniversary, almost the same time cyclone Amphan hit lands. We’ve seen those people in need how they’re suffering without a hygienic place to live, drinking water as well primary medicines, clothes. When the whole world and our country is already battling a tough fight against COVID-19, this barbaric cyclone had pushed those families’ lives more into danger. So our SHINee World India admins and team decided to help those in need and our Maknae Taemin’s birthday was coming up. This was the perfect gift we thought of giving him. Thus we decided to donate for the victims by Amphan.


We may think that it is hard to actually formulate such a plan and there will be a lot of hardships to overcome, and when we asked the team about it, their answer was-

We had several meetings amongst our admins and team admins and we decided to contact UNICEF India. Thus one fine day we had contacted them to tell them that we wanted to organize a donation drive and like to donate it to them. They had guided us with the procedure. We followed them and organized a donation drive. We really were overwhelmed seeing the response from Shawols from India and from overseas. We were able to gather INR 10568.56 and donated it to UNICEF India as promised.


It is a very proud moment for all of us, as both K-Pop stans and Indians. Having a passion for a certain genre of music and the will to give back and help save others’ lives. This isn’t the first time SHINee World India has contributed towards society and their selfless acts prove that if we all work together, we can move forward towards making the world a better place!