Most of us probably got into the Hallyu Wave either from K-POP or K-Drama but in the recent months, it has grown beyond that! Of course, we love our Oppa/Hyung/Unnie/Noona -s  but most of us also LOVE the k-culture in general. I’m talking about the food, fashion, lifestyle etc etc – yup, we LOVE it! Now, I’m pretty sure that all the people reading this would love to experience this in ONE place and here’s how you can achieve this –

Go to South Korea”

Ok, that was below the belt – sorry, I truly feel bad about it and honestly, I would take you, my  beloved reader who still hasn’t closed this article, to South Korea if I can but I’m just as broke ( if not more) as you. Luckily, though – Bengalureans have the opportunity to experience this first hand without having to South Korea this weekend!


SHIM-MI-JANG is the annual event conducted by “Ind-Hangul” ( A group of hallyu wave enthusiasts who do more than just cry about not having any events) in Bengaluru on 30th September, 2018 (Proudly in association with Team K-High XD). The goal of the event is to provide the best of k-culture to our desi fans and if you’re wondering how – check out the post below;

The event will have food stalls from Hae Kum Gang, Snow’ora, while our beloved S K-POPSTORE  are setting up everyone’s favorite merchandise stall in the event. Among the many things you DON’T want to be miss are the fanart exhibition, tattoo stall and the various games planned!

This is going to be extra special if you are an EXO-L –  DUDE, ELYXION IS GOING TO BE SCREENED ON THAT DAY! NOT EVEN KIDDING. If that doesn’t make you interested in joining this event, I don’t know what will!

Although the online registration has been closed, Ind-Hangul are allowing registration on the spot so yes, you’re not too late! 

I guess I’ll see you there! 😀