I just spent around 1 hour 15 minutes, staring at my screen thinking how to begin to describe “SHIM MI JANG”. Over an hour has passed and I still am unsure about how to articulate it. The passion of the desi K-POP fans on September 30, 2018 was OFF the roof and I am not exaggerating a damn thing while stating this. It’s one of those things that you can’t get enough off and sincerely THANK YOU Ind Hangul for organizing something as amazing as this.


The event kicked off with the EℓyXiOn Concert Screening at around 12:30 PM in Good Shepherd Community Center. Honestly speaking, watching a concert online at your home sounds really boring to me. I mean, I can listen to the better quality of the same setlist online without people drowning the music with their cheering. BUT, the feeling of your adrenaline pumping when you’re watching ( more like screaming your lungs out ) with other fans is simply ECSTATIC (also a bit intimidating if you’re one of the 5 fanboys there in the middle of 200 hardcore fangirls ~ whistles ~). It was a solid 3 hours of around 200 or so fans screaming, laughing, crying at the same time. You COMPLETELY understand why the person next to you is doing what he/she is doing because you are feeling the same thing and doing the same thing – that’s pretty much what it was.


“All” is probably not the suitable word because what I’ve mentioned below is only a tip of the iceberg. In order to know “ALL” about SHIM MI JANG, you simply have to attend SHIM MI JANG as there is no other way to articulate it! After the 3 hours of concert screening ( which felt more like 3 minutes? ), various stalls were set up for the fans to simply shop around. For those who are curious; Apart from these there were several games and mini events;
  • Cosplay event ( This was THE bomb!)
  • K-POP singing & dancing performances
  • K-QUIZ
The whole fest went for almost 8-9 hours and honestly, I doubt anybody actually kept track of the time. SHIM MI JANG basically had pretty much everything a Hallyu Wave fan can ask for. While we wait for our dream concerts to happen in India, this is probably the next best thing that can be organized, that can thrill the fans in a similar way. Tl;dr: SHIM MI JANG is pretty much EVERYTHING a K-POP fan can ask for.  [URIS id=940]