When ‘The Princes of KPOP’ or ‘KPOP’s pride’, SHINee announced their epic return back at the start of the year, Shawols all around the world including our desi Shawols could not contain their excitement. After all, it had been more than two years since they made a comeback!

Now, on 22nd February 2021, with the release of their seventh full album, ‘Don’t Call Me‘, we Shawols can rightfully paint the world blue in SHINee colors and scream the nostalgic tag, “SHINee is back!

All this exhilaration of the fans has led the album to chart #1 in numerous countries on iTunes Album Chart! It’s however a matter of even greater joy for Indian Shawols as ‘Don’t Call Me’ debuted at #1 on the Indian iTunes Album Chart within mere hours of its release! The hashtag ‘#SHINeeIsBack‘ has also been trending on Twitter India!



The title track ‘Don’t Call Me‘ is also trending at #5 at iTunes India Songs Chart along with all other 8 songs of the album – ‘CODE‘ at #11, ‘Marry You‘ at #12, ‘Heart Attack‘ at #13, ‘Kind‘ at #19, ‘Attention‘ at #20, ‘Body Rhythm‘ at #21, ‘Kiss Kiss‘ at #22 and ‘I Really Want You‘ at #23 (at the time of writing)! After the years in anticipation of a release, it’s elating to see Indian Shawols enthusiastic and enjoying the spectacular comeback. We sure can never deny the hold SHINee has on our hearts!


Don’t Call Me

The album has nine tracks in total which feature different vibes and genres in perfect sync. It experiments with the newer, darker style of music that SHINee has never tried before but you can find their own touches throughout – fantastical, intrepid but playful. Needless to say, all the tracks yet being unalike each other, fit the moods effortlessly and perfectly.

The title track, ‘Don’t Call Me’, is a new concept but is also an ideal example of sounds that only SHINee can pull off. It is a hip-hop track with theatrical flair and is blessed with a dominant chorus and a heavenly piano bridge. Moreover, the sturdy harmonization of all the members makes the track a powerful one. The lyrics talk about betrayals by a loved one and how their obsession with the protagonist isn’t welcomed anymore. The music video is an eccentric pair-off and shows exceptional choreography by the members. SHINee had wanted to show us their new side and they have done it!


Check out the track here:


Even after 12 years of SHINee’s debut, the group still has so much to offer. It’s also very endearing to see them try new concepts for their fans and challenge their limits. With this comeback, the boys have proved that they still have a huge reach in the industry as well as our hearts. Indian Shawols love to see the SHINee buzz in our country and cannot wait to see more from their favorite group in the future!


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