SHInee Atlantis

On 12th April 2021, SHINee’s ‘Atlantis- The 7th Album Repackage’ was released on SM ENTERTAINMENT’s official youtube channel, SMTOWN. This repackaged album has 3 new songs added to the previously released Don’t Call Me- The 7th Album’. After 3 years, SHINee made their much-awaited comeback as the members Onew, KEY and MINHO successfully returned from their mandatory military service. ‘Atlantis’ has got Shawols captivated globally as the track tops in the chartings worldwide!

Irrespective of the fact that there has been a long break, SHINee’s ‘Atlantis’ effortlessly surpassed 2 million views on Youtube in mere 10 hours! The track within few hours of release also hit #2 on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart and made its way to the top 5 on US iTunes. The Shawol fandom had globally united to make the track reach #1 and the Indian Shawols also stood strong throughout and made ‘Atlantis’ reach at #1 on Indian iTunes!

Indian Shawols, alongside enthusiastic streaming, also joined in tweeting of the hashtags – #Atlantis #Onew #Jonghyun #KEY #MINHO #Taemin #SHINee. Through all these different kinds of social media platforms, they hence showed their kindred spirits and expressed their joyful reactions to the music video through them.


SHINee, following an underwater theme comes through with their charming visuals, breathtaking sets, and impressive CGI graphics to make this MV extraordinary! ‘Atlantis’ is also beautifully arranged with heavenly vocals of the members Onew, Taemin and KEY, alongside MINHO‘s exquisite rapping -leaving the listeners in awe and totally dumbstruck. The lyrics express love which is composed to be described in a metaphorical way, where the expressions are aligned perfectly through lines, ‘heart crashing like waves’ and how their emotions and love go as deep as the ocean. The cohesive creative power of the MV and lyrics left the listeners mesmerized making the Shawol fandom play the track on loop. 



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