SHINee Key Bad Love

KEY is finally dropping solo music again. Shawols have eagerly been waiting for the SHINee star to release a new album after he finished his mandatory military service. And he teased his first Korean mini-album with the pre-released single ‘Hate That’ that featured none other than Girls’ Generation’s leader Taeyeon. KEY then released his first mini-album ‘Bad Love’ on 27th September. It received many milestones along with the music video of Bad Love’ trending in several countries as it racked 200k views in 2 hours on YouTube.


Additionally, Shawols went all out to hype KEY’s first mini-album. ‘Bad Love’ charted on several reputable charts like Bugs, Genie and iTunes. It also made waves in India! Indian Shawols helped the album ‘Bad Love chart at #1 on iTunes India. It was also #1 on iTunes in more than 20 countries like Colombia, Saudi Arabia and Brazil. Not only that, the title track ‘Bad Love’ ranked at #26 on the Indian iTunes Top Songs Chart (at the time of writing).


‘Bad Love’

The K-Pop idol has released a studio album, it’s repackage, and a Japanese EP before. But along with the dance-pop title track of the same name, ‘Bad Love’ is his first mini-album in Korean. It has only been a year since he came back from his military stint and he wanted to announce his return with a bang. He put his all in SHINee’s first comeback of the year as he also designed the outfits for him and his members. His eagerness to thank Shawols for their support was also seen once again when he dropped ‘Hate That’ because he didn’t want his fans to wait for too long.

After waiting for almost 3 years, SHINee is almost complete. While Taemin had his 4th debut in the military band, Onew is busy with musicals and musical variety shows. And it seems that Minho has renewed his acting career. Well, fans can find KEY everywhere too as he is a 4D entertainer with gigs like ‘Amazing Saturday‘ and the promotional content we’ll be getting thanks to the release of ‘Bad Love’.


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