Rising female rapper, SINCE is back with a double single, sporting songs – “WHISTLE” & “20”.

The main title track ‘WHISTLE’ gives away an urbane, crisp, and a breezy aura which when all put together, describes the trauma, the difficulties she has faced, and how SINCE has overcome all of them by a brisk of a whistle. “20” on the other hand, tells about the fame she has received since she started off as a rapper and the feeling of accomplishment of making it to the top and being able to suffice and support her close ones.

Compared to her previous EP “My Life” which proffered to an upbeat, melancholic vibe, this EP bestows reminiscing and youthful energy that resonates with a lot of listeners. SINCE’s rapping style also complements the songs in the EP ‘WHISTLE’, making it the perfect fit for one’s favorite everday playlist!


Check out the song below:


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