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Barely half a day has passed and there is already so much to look forward to in 2021, isn’t it?


(배려하고, 겸손하고, 사라하자!)



SMTOWN Live Culture Humanity Concert is the year end concert hosted by SM Entertainment. The aim behind this concert was to spread hope and cheer all around the world during the difficult times. The concert featured all SM artists who performed their hits songs of 2020! The concert was over four hours long and free for all. It was simulataneously broadcast on several SNS platforms. Fans from all over the globe could indulge in watching their favourite artists perform live, from the comfort of their homes. Usually held in a stadium or concert hall, SMTOWN took the online method this year to bring happiness to every fan. With a series of videos featuring the artists, tweets and teasers hyping up the concert, finally today the fans got to witness the powerpacked SMTOWN concert.

First of all, here is a message from Lee Soo Man, the founder of SM Entertainment.

The line up for this year included SM artists and other musicians who delivered great collaboration hits. KANGTA, TVXQ!, SUPERJUNIOR, GirlsGeneration, TAEYEON, SHINee, TAEMIN, EXO BAEKHYUN, KAI, RedVelvet, NCT, NCTU, NCT127, NCTDREAM, WayV, SuperM, aespa, Raiden, GINJO and IMLAY participated in this concert.

With a montage of SHINee’s hit songs, the video ended with a teaser for their comeback in 2021! Shawols, how are you feeling!!!!

After her injury last year, Wendy is now back with RedVelvet after a hiatus of almost a year! It was great seeing RedVelvet back on stage after so long!

Kangta performed ‘Cough Syrup’ whereas Taeyeon performed ‘Four Seasons’. DJ Raiden gave us a ‘YOURS’ remix featuring AESPA’s Winter. He also performed a remix of ‘Years’ and EXO’s ‘Obsession’. DJ GINJO gave us a remix of EXO-SC ‘1 Billion Views’. DJ IMLAY performed ‘Asteroid’ and YangYang sung the track.

TVXQ made us nostalgic with their performance of ‘Chance of Love’. Baekhyun look ethereal in white during his ‘Candy’ performace. KAI performed his solo debut track ‘MMMH’ and set the temperatures high! NCT Dream, NCT U and WayV set the stage on fire with one dazzling performance after another! Aespa was seen performing their debut track ‘Black Mamba’.

SM left no stone unturned to give the fans an experience of a lifetime. Even though the concert was held online, the stage was set to its prime. It was no less than watching the artists perform live!


With over 3.5Millions views on Twitter alone, SMTOWN was well received by the fans from all over the globe. Several hashtags are seen trending on Twitter even hours after the concert has ended. The immense love pouring from the fans, for this concert is evident that SM was successful in spreading hope and cheer all around the world. The concert garnered over 35.8 Million viewers globally.

As the tradition of SMTown Concert goes, they released a special song titled ‘Hope’ this year too.


You can rewatch the concert on Twitter here:

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