Remember that time when K-Pop boy groupย SNUPER was in India!

*my voice has still not recovered from all the screaming*

9th July was a dreamy day when the idols were in the capital for K-Pop Contest India 2018. It was around that time we thought of a Twitter Welcome Party: #SNUPERinIndia.

SNUPER welcome party to India – Twitter Project.

Our first project was pretty successful, Indian K-Poppers took over twitter! And as promised here’s what went down in the #SNUPERinIndia welcome party.

Indian Swings touched everyone’s heart with their messages.


Fans from the venue also tweeted live updates.


The wave caught International fans’ attention too.


When the fans are so loving how could SNUPER fall behind.

They thanked Indian fans for their love and encouragement. Expressing the wonderful stage performances they enjoyed that they will never forget. The boys gave special thanks to the First Lady of South Korea.


SNUPER also sent a Video message for Indian Fans via Pink Box Entertainment. (and yes they are wearing Kurta!! 😍)


You can watch SNUPER’s Live performance here. [cr: What lol]