‘Vincenzo’- a dark comedy thriller drama- has been taking Netflix by storm, even making appearances on Netflix India’s trending pages. K-Drama connoisseurs are well aware of how the Official Soundtrack- OSTs- of a K-Drama can be one of the most defining elements of it, and ‘Vincenzo’ is not a stranger to the norm.


Sung by Mamamoo’s leader Solar (Kim Yong Sun), ‘Adrenaline’- the official soundtrack for Vincenzo charted #1 on iTunes India within hours of release and was well in the top 10 for a week. This charting also marks Solar’s first musical venture to top in India.

Indian ‘Moos’– Mamamoo’s fandom name- were also largely responsible for this feat.

The singer is also known to have a close association with Indian culture and thoroughly enjoys watching Bollywood films and reviews them on her YouTube channel.

Unlike most dramas, ‘Adrenaline’ matches the dark and mysterious aura of the drama seamlessly and features references to Vincenzo’s character. A solemn R&B tune featuring an exhibition of the girl group leader’s enthralling vocal range, ‘Adrenaline’ caters to wide tastes, thus resulting in its unprecedented popularity.



‘Vincenzo’- a law and justice drama featuring Song Joong Ki as Vincenzo Cassano- an Italian Mafia lawyer and Jeon Yeo Been as a Korean white-collar lawyer is currently ongoing and has already garnered a large audience with its twists, turns and a plot that keeps you stuck to the edge of your couch. ‘Adrenaline’ servs as the perfect ambience-building accompaniment to this current favourite.

Have you been keeping up with Vincenzo, Cha Young and their antics? Is Adrenaline playing on your playlist on loop? Let us know in the comments! shhh beware of spoilers