Song Kang and Han So-hee for Nevertheless

Navillera‘s’ Song Kang and Han So-hee of ‘The World Of The Married‘ fame are set to star in JTBC‘s newest drama, ‘Nevertheless.’ The 10-episode drama is breaking conventional guidelines not only with the number of episodes but also with its intended viewership.

Source: JTBC

Set to air on Saturdays from 19 June 2021, certain episodes are to be rated 19+. Based on a romantic webtoon of the same name, production is in discussion to keep the drama true to its original source.

Described as a sweet and sexy drama, it will centre around the relationship between a loveless Yoo Na-bi played by Han So-hee who wants to try the dating life and Park Jae-uhn played by Song Kang who only likes to have flings.