Kakao entertainment and spotify

Through a joint statement, Spotify and Kakao Entertainment (formerly Kakao M) have announced the renewal of their global distribution contract. K-pop and music lovers can now breathe a sigh of relief.

On 11th March 2021, both the companies finalized the global distribution license which would provide Kakao Entertainment’s content all throughout the world.

In the joint statement released by both companies, Spotify expressed their happiness that they would finally be able to reproduce Kakao Entertainment artist’s music to fans around the world. With Spotify’s mission – to connect artists with fans all over the world and provide users with worldwide musical content, South Korean listeners would also receive more than 70 million tracks and more than 4 billion playlists on the app corresponding to the renewal.

Kakao Entertainment put forth their own thoughts, affirming that since they had concluded a contract agreement with Spotify, the service to supply their music globally including South Korea would resume. It’s expected to be an opportunity for more international music fans to meet South Korean artists and enjoy K-pop.

Earlier this month, songs distributed through Kakao Entertainment were taken down from Spotify due to the expiration of their global licensing contract, affecting a lot of artists and their fans. The issue is seemingly resolved now as the statements from both the companies have pacified the fans and artists.

Now that the songs are back on the app, fans are joyed and the artists must be relieved. We hope that this issue does not occur in the future and the art is appreciated outside the bounds of capitalism.

For now, have a streaming party to celebrate the songs being back on the app and enjoy!