SORN Sharp Objects

Marking her new beginnings this year after parting ways with CLC and Cube Entertainment, Thai singer SORN makes a smashing return as a soloist with “Sharp Objects“. She releases her brand new all-English single on the 25th of February, ending the wait for her fans all across the globe. This becomes her first solo comeback under her new agency, WILD Entertainment, and her second single after “Run” which came out almost a year ago in collaboration with WILD Entertainment. Fans couldn’t be more excited to see SORN shine again, this time, as a solo artist.


SORN – Sharp Objects

Opening with dark, neon undertones, “Sharp Objects” dons electronic-pop beats with a humble Synthwave nu-disco sound. The song focuses on the current prevailing trends, but SORN surely makes the song distinguishable from her peers, using her airy yet sturdy vocals that gradually develop as the song moves ahead. She’s fierce in her return, ready to take risks and play a dangerous game of love. She poses as a daring woman in the accompanying music video that features a similar visual palette as seen in the HBO show, ‘Euphoria‘. The whole concept is a refreshing take for SORN, as she says in an interview, “What’s special about this song is that it’s very different from things that I have done before in the past. For fans that have been a fan since I was in CLC, they will see a complete 180 change.”

SORN has always been open about her aspirations with her fans through various platforms; be it podcasts, TikTok, or her music. It’s always gratifying for a fan to see their favorite artist create their art freely without any restrictions and discover new horizons. With this release, we can’t wait to see what SORN’s future holds for her and her music.


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