Korea Hallyu Visa

Harnessing the soft-power that their nation possesses, the Republic of Korea has been steadily introducing progressive changes and plans to boost the global interest in their culture, lifestyle, entertainment, and even economy. In this new year of 2022, another major change initiated by the nation is a new visa for foreign learners which will open up the doors to more accessible and comfortable stays and learning for these foreign students.

Heralded as “Hallyu Visa”, after the Hallyu wave surging across the world, this new visa plan is aimed at helping the entry of foreign enthusiasts of the Korean culture and its entertainment sector. Such ardent learners will now, upon the inauguration of this visa, be able to get entry into the nation much easier than the tough acquisition of the E-6 Visa required uptil now for the culture and entertainment-related stays.

Hence now, people seeking admission into Korea for a stay period of more than 90 days for entertainment and cultural-related education (beauty, film, culinary, music, language, etc.), will be permitted to apply for the “Hallyu Visa” – the detailed information of which will be provided by the Korean government soon. However, despite the current wait for the elaborate details of the newly designed visa plan, foreign learners and creators worldwide are already eagerly dreaming and hoping optimistically of enrolling in such learning courses in their dream country, South Korea!


What do you think of this new “Hallyu Visa” being introduced by Korea? Are you one of the foreign learners and creators awaiting this new plan?
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