Classical music always reminds us about the soulful music that makes you either shake your head to the “rhythm” or dive deep into a subliminal world created for its listeners and like every other genre out there, this genre too has fans devoted to it. Now, the “problem” with music is that it’s subjective and everybody cannot enjoy everything. Putting it another way, the classical music fans probably won’t enjoy the modern music as much while the fans of the modern music probably won’t be head bopping to classical music. Basically, there is a division in musicality between the classical and the modern music fans and the bridge between this gap is what, South Korean Music group NaMu, is all about!


South Korean Music Group NaMu


The quartet consists of Aram Lee on the Daegum & Yanggeum; also the leader of the group along with Minhwan Hwang on Ajaeng & Janggu, Seongryong Yeo on vocals & percussion and Inhwan Choi on Acoustic & Electric Bass. Musically, they cover a wide genre from the “Korean Classical Music” to the much more modern “Dance Beat” and their overall “product” is an amalgamation of both the classical & modern age genre.

Confused? Hard to imagine what we’re talking about? Try listening to them below and feel at ease at once!

The group recently completed their Indian tour, mesmerizing the fans from Kochi, Kolkata, Guntur, Hyderabad and finally Chennai. The fact they performed in venues completely different from one another ( college in Kochi, a fest in Kolkata, a club in Guntur, an auditorium in Hyderabad and a mall in Chennai ) speaks volumes to their musical prowess and proves what we have been saying all along; bringing the fans of various genre of music together. Hopefully, we will be able to enjoy this unique blend of music LIVE soon! But until then, feel free to know more about them here.

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PC:Arunasubha Amaresan, Sanjay Ramjhi