Spotify India

The most awaited entry into the Indian music market is here; Spotify was officially available in India on both android and apple from 26th february, evening onwards.


Spotify is a Swedish music streaming platform that provides digital rights management (DRM) protected music and podcasts from record labels and media companies. Spotify created a revolution providing better revenue to artists and music labels when the music industry was knee deep in piracy and CD sales were just flat.

Like the rest, Spotify wasn’t too late to recognize the ascend of K-Pop over the world. As Indian fans have struggled to get the visibility in the South Korean Industry, the launch of an International platform whose charts are accounted for by artists themselves makes us wonder if this is the opportunity to actually showcase the effort Indian K-Pop fans put!

Nevertheless, fans are ecstactic in the K-Pop zone over the arrival of Spotify. Indian fans expressed their excitement tremendously over twitter, there are already projects as well made by Big Indian K-Pop Fanbases like @bangtan_india and there has already been recognition of the Desi BTS ARMY!



And if this wasn’t enough… Finally BTS has a message for DESIMYS!!!



So have you downloaded Spotify yet? Tell us which K-pop song is on repeat!