Mistreatment towards girl group FANATICS

K-pop industry is known for rigid rules about the appearance of the artists. Female artists are often asked to reveal their skin even if they do not agree with it. Not only female idols, but the male idols equally suffer.

For example, East Light group and TRCNG who had revealed a few months ago about their suffering at the hands of the management. The industry needs to learn to draw a line between strict and stupid. Allowing no more than one french fry, or a glass of juice in a whole day is simply not good. The artists practice for their dance for 18-19hours a day. They pour their souls into perfecting their dance and song routines. Treating them with zero comforts or consideration is simply inhuman. 


Last week, another such mistreatment of idols was brought to light. In a VLive, the girl group Fanatics were allegedly asked to ‘show their legs’ in front of the camera. The fans are angry and disgusted at this behaviour. A male staff is heard giving an earful and even slapping a female staff behind the camera. All of this, only because she gave a jacket to the girls to cover their legs. The fans on SNS say that the female staff is Sika, the leader of the girl group. 


credits: Naver


Fans took to SNS to express their anger. This is clearly a case of mistreatment of the female idols. The k-pop industry needs to learn to respect the consent of the artists. Artists are humans after all. They have right over their body. Short skirts or ripped jeans, worn by the idol with consent is one thing, but forcing them to show their skin is completely wrong. 

The company of Fanatics, FENT has released a statement regarding this incident-

As an agency, we recognize the seriousness of the incident in which a staff member made an inappropriate comment during FANATICS’s V Live broadcast on September 7. First, we would like to apologize to the members and fans who were hurt by this. The agency acknowledges that the staff member’s inappropriate comment was wrong and without excuse and the person responsible will take action against them accordingly. FENT will take more care in future so that this incident does not happen again. 


Who are Fanatics?

Fanatics is an eight-member girl group that debuted in 2019 with the mini-album ‘Six’. Currently, they are promoting as a six-member group.

It is high time that the industry and the people in it learn to respect the artists. Artists make music or dance because they like doing that. Their fans love them for their music, their goofiness and their humble attitude. This is an incident with Fanatics one of those few incidents which are brought to light. One could say it is a sneak peek into a harsh reality of the k-pop industry which happens behind the scenes. It is scary to think about what else could be happening and we don’t even have the slightest idea.


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