Stray Kids Charts on Indian iTunes

The latest band to make an entry in the Indian music charts is none other than Stray Kids! Stray Kids is rapidly growing its desi fanbase with multiple fan accounts opening, streaming projects and now fans charting their music.

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Stray Kids chart on Indian iTunes:

Stray Kids or SKZ, debuted back in March 2018 with the EP I am Not. They have made their mark in the K-pop industry with chart-topping and fan- favourites such as Hellavator, Beware, Spread my Wings, etc. Since their debut, they have gained huge popularity for their music. Their debut EP had charted on Gaon and Billboard as well!

Stray Kids released a repackaged album of their first full-length album of “GO生” calledIN生”. Which has also become the only repackaged album in K-Pop to have double the sales of the original album in its first week of release!

The full-length album “GO生” (Go Live) had also topped the iTunes India chart!

Their tracks Back Door and God’s Menu charted at #19 and #56 respectively on iTunes. Their latest comeback repackage album In Life (IN生) charted to #1 on iTunes India. Indian Stays have clearly shown their efforts and dedication to the boy band!

This is a clear indication that the group is gaining dedicated fans in India.
The day is not far when K-pop will be an indispensable part of music in India as well!


Did you know that Chan (leader of Stray Kids) mentioned in an interview that he listens to Indian music!

“For me, it’s pretty funny. And they [the members] may not know this as well. But sometimes I listen to Indian Music, sometimes I listen to Spanish music as well, usually from Spain. Honestly, I have no idea what they’re saying. But I dunno, just the vibe of the song and how the person actually sings it, I get a lot of different feelings as well. That kind of makes me want to find out what the lyrics actually mean, and what the singer really wants to say through the song. I do understand that there may be Stays that may just listen to our songs but not understand the lyrics, and I completely understand how that feels as well. So just want to put that out there. [Laughs]“ (Excerpt from his interview with Billboard)


What do you think about the continuous success of Stray Kids on Indian music charts?

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