Stray Kids "ODDINARY"

After a busy and rewarding 2021, Stray Kids have raised fans’ expectations all around the world. So much, that their first group release of this year – “ODDINARY” started breaking records before the official release on the 18th of March. With “ODDINARY”, Stray Kids became the first 4th generation K-Pop group to surpass 1.3M pre-orders. Title track ‘Maniac‘ made it to the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart a day before its release, debuting at #3!

Fans have shown immense support for Stray Kids’ first project of the year as the album soared to #1 on iTunes Album Charts in 50 regions across the world, like Portugal and Germany, and ‘Maniac’ took 30 #1 spots on iTunes Songs Chart in countries like Peru and Vietnam. In India, both the album and the song are maintaining the top spot on the iTunes chart. All the songs from the album have scored top 8 spots on the Bugs Chart in South Korea too! They also became the very K-Pop act to reach #1 on the US iTunes Chart this year. All of this was achieved within a few hours of the release (at the time of writing)!


Stray Kids – ODDINARY

It’s always Stray Kids being Stray Kids, yet it’s different every time, bringing something new to the table. ‘Maniac’ is structured over the prominent EDM-synthy beat, heard throughout the song. Almost having a Moombahton groove, the song features two different synth sections that work surprisingly well together. As they figure out their dysfunctional individualism in the song, they highlight their vocal and rap verses over the catchy hook. The dark music video gives way to show the differences between their normal and maniac identities. The album features six more songs, ranging from various subgenres of HipHop to Rock Ballad, staying true to their musical identity as 3Racha (subunit comprising Bang Chan, Changbin and Han) have participated in the makings of the album.

Earlier today, in the release press conference, Changbin described the comeback as – “We wanted to express that the odd, the unordinary, can also be unique, special. Rather than arguing about what’s normal and what’s abnormal, you can expand your ability to grow by thinking that everyone has something special and extraordinary.” To say the least, the group successfully managed to spread this message through this album. They keep growing up and ahead, and it’s only the beginning of their this year’s activities. They will soon be starting their World Tour in April.

Changbin was announced to be Covid-positive, earlier today after the press conference. Hence, this week’s activities will be halted. We hope he recovers soon and the group takes the necessary precautions to stay healthy. Soon, Stray Kids will surely bounce back stronger than ever!


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