Recently released STRAY KIDS’ 1st Full Album, GO生 that has set fire to the whole world as these boys have unveiled one banger track after another, has sent India and the desi STAYs reeling because of its fiery hot flames as well 😉

It’s title track, God’s Menu that was released on 17th June 2020 after building up the anticipation and excitement of the fans with a hot ‘Cooking Video’, broke records worldwide and captivated the desi STAYs so much that they just couldn’t get enough of STRAY KIDS 😉

They streamed them like crazy and earned India the 5th spot of Top Worldwide Streamers of the boy group on Youtube in the Last 7 days!


As if this wasn’t good enough news for Indian fans, they received yet another pleasant surprise as “for the very first time ever”, an album of STRAY KIDS’- “GO 生” trended #1 on iTunes India!

Indian STAYs who had previously rejoiced in the mere fact that STRAY KIDS had even trended on iTunes India in 2018 in the ‘I am Who’ era, were overwhelmed by joy and happiness by this news. They poured their excited and pleasantly shocked feelings on all social media platforms accessible and patted each other’s backs for this amazing feat 🙂




Have you had a taste of the God’s Menu yet 😉 ?
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