Stray Kids 'Mixtape: OH'

Stray Kids dropped a new single ‘Mixtape: OH’ without any prior notice as South Korea entered into a new day of 26th June 2021, which surprised the fans. This release became more special as it marked Hyunjin‘s return to the group activities after going on a hiatus in February, following the controversies. Having taken the win on Mnet’s ‘Kingdom: Legendary War, we soon hope to see a comeback album release this year from the group.

‘Mixtape: OH‘ surely astonished everyone when it was released but the song quickly broke into major music charts thanks to the dedicated fans. The song reached #1 on Indian iTunes Songs Chart, a joyous achievement for Indian fans! So far, the song has gained 27 #1 spots in various regions across the globe like Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Ukraine, and The Bahamas, etc. (at the time of writing).

Stray Kids 'Mixtape: OH'

Indian Stays also celebrated Hyunjin’s return as he trended on Indian Twitter!


Mixtape: OH

Mixtape releases from Stray Kids are particularly unique as it allows the group to experiment more outside of their usual discography. The fans are introduced to unsullied songs that have the group’s personal touches throughout. ‘Mixtape: OH’ falls in line with the other mixtapes of Stray Kids, having the same indie overtones. The song is an example of contemporary pop that takes influences from subgenres of House – Deep, and Tropical. The song explores the feelings of a lover who wants to love their significant other with all their might but when put into action, it comes across as childlike and their words become incoherent. The music video features a subdued blue tone throughout where all eight members are in a dilemma within themselves, wanting to reconcile with each other, forgetting their differences.

This release has the fans anticipate what’s to come next from the group. Stray Kids dedicated their first half of 2021 to Kingdom. Now, with Hyunjin’s return declared through this mixtape by JYP Entertainment (who also released an official statement addressing the same), we can expect more ambitious projects from the group. Seeing the humble efforts of fans for ‘Mixtape: OH’, we definitely can say they are prepared for the best when Stray Kids takes the wins us over again with their music.


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