Stray Kids iTunes India

Stray Kids prove time and again that there is no rest for the wicked. After the successful million-seller album, ‘NOEASY‘, the K-Pop group is back with a festive single album for fans. They released ‘Christmas EveL‘ on 29th November.

Stays are getting fed quite well since we have a barrage of content incoming. Apart from the special year-end stages and award show performances, Stray Kids are back with their second comeback of the year. And to thank them and show their support, Stays have helped the album and all of its tracks chart on domestic as well as international charts.


Christmas EveL

Indian Stays have helped the title track ‘Christmas EveL‘ rank at #1 on India iTunes Top Songs Chart. Additionally, all of the other tracks have also entered the top 5 of the chart. The title track has also topped iTunes in 26 countries like Vietnam, Thailand and Saudi Arabia (at the time of writing). Additionally, even the single album has topped the iTunes Album Charts with India being the 18th country where the album peaked at #1.

Christmas EveL‘ is a fun hip-hop song as Stray Kids volunteer to help the North Pole with the gifts as Santa is missing. They stay true to their colors as they once again masterfully incorporate rap and trap elements with Christmas music like ‘Feliz Navidad‘.


Did you watch the fun music video? Did you hear ‘Christmas EveL’ by Stray Kids? Which track is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.
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