Stray Kids Thunderous

Following in the footsteps of ‘Go Live’ EP (2020), Stray Kids’ new studio album, ‘NOEASY’ is out now! With a surprise pre-release track, ‘Mixtape: OH’ topping music charts worldwide and in India on, the new album consists of a total of 14 tracks. Of these, ‘Thunderous’ the lead track has charted #1 on iTunes India along with 33 other countries – Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Mexico, etc. (at the time of writing). Nigerian STAYS are also patting each other’s backs for the top spot on Nigerian iTunes as it is the first Stray Kids’ song to reach this peak!

The song has also charted #1 on Bugs and is slowly climbing its way to the top of other music charts like Genie (current standing at the time of writing, #25).

Shot on traditional setting mixed with almost Marvel-esque animations, Stray Kids title track ‘Thunderous’ is the powerful declaration of the group of walking their own path regardless of the obstacles and judgments they face.

The music production is as always experimental, featuring an amalgamation of traditional and modern instrumentals. The ad-libs sprinkled across the length of the song mixed with the sound effects of car beeps, thunder, etc. also elevate the qualitative experience of listening to ‘Thunderous’. Tying everything together is the accompanying choreography which is well-crafted and magnetically charming to see. Stray Kids really aren’t pulling any punches with this 2nd album!

Have you listened to ‘Thunderous’ by Stray Kids? Which song from the album, ‘NOEASY’ was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.
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