SUGA Juice WRLD Girl Of My Dreams

SUGA of BTS was revealed as being one of the featuring artists in renowned American rapper Juice WRLD’s posthumous album ‘Fighting Demons’. The EP was announced as containing 18 tracks, with BTS’ SUGA lending his skills to the b-side track, ‘Girl Of My Dreams’.

The hyped-up anticipation of this news was surging through the world upon release, and now, that the album is out, fans can’t stop talking about it! The song has already charted #1 on iTunes India and in 25 other countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Chile, Thailand, etc. (at the time of writing).


Juice WRLD x SUGA – Girl Of My Dreams

Opening up the song with the signature Juice WRLD melodic singing style rap, ‘Girl Of My Dreams’ carries the bittersweet flavor of falling in love. The familiar Juice WRLD flow and poignant-romantic penmanship as the first verse unfolds, The girl of my dreams, but I ain’t fallin’ asleep, transports the listener back into the artist’s world before 2019. Add to this experience, SUGA’s low and reverberating rap verse as he weaves together the refreshing emotions of being in love that Juice WRLD talked of and the desolate-lonely emotions that it can also make a person feel, and you have the perfect track to honor the talent of the two rappers. 


Aside from participating in this posthumous project, SUGA has also expressed his deep-rooted respect for the deceased rap star, saying, “I personally related a lot to the messages he tried to convey…I loved his talent.” This is also not the first time that the two rappers’ skills have shone together. Juice WRLD had previously collaborated on a BTS WORLD OST titled ‘All Night’ which featured the rapper alongside BTS leader, RM, and SUGA.


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