The 2nd gen group, Super Junior is still going strong as they’re back with their already successful 10th studio album! On March 16, 2021, the 9 member group came back with “The Renaissance” following the repackaged album, “Timeless” which was more than a year ago. They announced the 10-track album by releasing the single, “The Melody” on November 6, 2020.

The group showed off their on-going influence by charting at #1 on iTunes in 20 countries within 24 hours of the album’s release. And yes, that also includes India. Indian E.L.Fs helped the album, “The Renaissance” rank at #1 on iTunes India Album Chart. Not only that, in celebration of the comeback, the group also trended on Indian Twitter with more than 500k tweets.

The Renaissance

As their 10th album, the group wanted “The Renaissance” to be a turning point for them. In the press conference, their leader, Leeteuk mentioned that they would treat this as their 1st album and a new origin since they wanted to reveal a new side to them. With that in mind, they selected “House Party” as their title song for this comeback. With the goal of reinventing, they take a fresh spin at the retro concept currently going on with this trap-disco track while singing about staying strong through the on-going pandemic. The music video helps elaborate a second meaning behind the song, as the sudden switch of melody as well as the darker concept exposes a fight between the old-dark Super Junior and the fresh-new Super Junior. Oh, by the way, did you catch the blink-and-miss cameo of India during the chorus. Super Junior’s bus travels through India and while it was a fun bit of CGI, Desi E.L.Fs are brimming with theories. 

The rest of the album is as dynamic as we could expect from such a veteran group with a mix of head bopping dance tracks and soulful ballads that cleverly showcases all 9 members’ vocals. “Burn The Floor” is a delicate string instrumental-EDM mashup with Super Junior’s signature of intense ballads that ended up on major Korean charts like Genie and Bugs. The group teased the album by pre-releasing “The Melody” which is the perfect summer ballad that not only talks about love but of a new and better future just like what Super Junior expects to do with “The Renaissance.”

It is no surprise that this talented group keeps dominating the charts time and time again. Indian E.L.Fs must be proud that they could do their part in hyping Super Junior’s latest comeback. We are also excited for the possibility of them finally adding India to their list of destinations for their world tour Super Show all thanks to the little cameo in the music video. What do you think? And which track was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.