Super Junior Ryeowook Body-Shame

While the fandom culture is a boon for the K-Pop industry in terms of commercial success, it can also be a curse. It allows certain fans to cross lines as idols are told by their agencies to bear the hate and inappropriate behaviour if it will make them popular. But in recent years, some idols are standing up for themselves and their fellow artists in the face of hate comments by alleged fans. Previously, TXT’s Soobin put a fan in their place after they body-shamed Yeonjun and now Super Junior’s Ryeowook has done the same.

A Super Junior Fan Body-Shames Ryeowook

A week ago, a YouTube user body-shamed Ryeowook by leaving a harsh comment on one of his YouTube lives, “Ryeowook-ah… Let’s diet a little, you can’t take care of your body now that you’re dating? Then why are you earning money from fans… Just quit the group and run a cafe with your girlfriend… As a fan of 10 years this is so pathetic.

Ryeowook noticed the hate comment and replied to it two days ago. The Super Junior member commented, “I see, I’m pathetic. I think you are pathetic too. You said you liked me for 10 years. How scary. I think you didn’t like me in these 10 years but you just liked yourself, who was liking someone. I sincerely hope you look back on yourself. And the money wasn’t earned because of you but because I worked hard. I have worked hard in this time, down this path of mine, to an extent that you can’t imagine. Don’t speak of it so easily. Also, don’t live a life giving hurt to others. It’s a waste of your energy. Don’t love anyone too. Live by yourself forever. Don’t give harm to others.

In an industry where artists are sentenced to such negative comments on a daily basis, it is heartening to see Ryewook stand up for himself. Fans applauded him for his straightforward and honest answer. They hope that more idols will have the courage to speak up and won’t change themselves because of body-shaming and hate comments.

Do you agree with the way Ryeowook handled the comment? Should more idols respond to haters? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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